Friday, May 20, 2011

Timpano: Part One

So, I saw pictures on Facebook of my Uncle Robert making this dish timpano, and it looked so super awesome, I wanted to make it, too!  It's basically a big bowl full of meat and other goodies in a pastry crust.  (Apparently timpano was featured in the movie "Big Night", which I have never seen, but it sounds like I should.  Hmm.)

I figured I should document the process, since with all the components, it will take several days to make!  A. and I plan on making it over the weekend, but there are several steps I've already taken. 

OK, first you need a timpano pan!  I ordered one online and it took its time getting here, but now I have it.
Check!  Washed it, too!  Don't you love that marbleized blue?  Not only can I use it for this recipe, but afterwards, I'll have an enormous enamel bowl for other projects!

Then you need to cut up a loaf of Italian bread and let the slices air out for 3 days.  This is for the meatballs.
Check! I put these out on Wednesday.
Next up: the sauce!

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