Friday, May 20, 2011

Timpano: Part Two

Yesterday I made the sauce for the timpano! (See previous post for what the heck I'm talking about.)

First I had to puree the tomatoes in the food processor:

And brown the two types of meat: beef . . .
Ta-da!  And pork:

I chopped up garlic and onion:
(I don't know why my photo got rotated, but whatever)
and added it to the pot, meat removed:
Then I added a few other things:
(that is the bowl o' meat on the left)
and cooked it for a bit!
Next up was to add all those pureed tomatoes and some basil and oregano!  (I didn't have the fresh basil so I used dried, oh well!)
Then I cooked it for 30 minutes . . .
. . . and put the meat back in, to cook for about 2 hours!
And then it was done!
BONUS: We got to eat superdelicious chunks of meat for dinner, since you don't use the meat chunks in the actual timpano recipe!  Soooo good!  I need to eat more beef, yum yum!

Next up: the meatballs!  We will be doing this tomorrow (I hope)!

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