Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cloth diaper nerdery

I just wanted to note that:

a) We're using cloth diapers for E. and I heart them because they're easy and cute and saving the environment and her bum and whatnot;
(Here are ALL my pockets when they were miraculously clean at the same time! OK, I planned for her to use some fitteds/covers so I could take this photo . . .)

b) I have a heck of a lot of them -- I got a wide variety of brands both starting out and over time, because I wanted to try out different things to see what works the best (answer: they all have their merits and flaws! So glad I did this instead of only getting one type);

(My stash above the changer -- now we can actually go a day before *needing* to do diaper laundry! E. goes through MANY a day because I won't have her sitting around wet.  We use cloth exclusively, and so far we can double up large inserts at night and not have any leaking problems, woot!)

c) I recently used my scant sewing skills to modify a cover into a pocket diaper, and it was easy!  I'm not brave enough to sew a pocket diaper from scratch (like my lovely friend Emily, who made 2 of mine, thanks, Em!), but check it out: all it takes is a piece of Malden Mills 200 fleece to sew a relatively cheaper Thirsties cover into a sleeve pocket -- no unstuffing; inserts agitate right out!  Basically I made my own Thirsties Duo Diaper, but with snaps!

All I did was:
* cut the fleece to size by eye (hey, I'm trained as a designer, but let's be honest, I'm pretty sloppy),
* made sure it was as wide as the stretched elastic and a little wider in the middle to give room for inserts (and a touch longer so it could cover any sticking-out inserts),
* clipped it in place with paper clips (to minimize holes in the PUL),
* used a ballpoint needle (read about that online!) and straight stitch, sewing along the existing edges (inside the inner gussets), stretching it as I went along.  Left the snaps out, of course.
* I left both ends open, because sleeves WIN!
* And because it's fleece, you don't even have to finish the edges -- but I did sew it over (hem it?) at the openings, to be fancy.
* Washed/dried it on hot to seal the PUL (again, read it online!), and it's been working great.

Obviously it didn't have its own inserts, but I always mix and match my inserts and use GMD prefolds, etc. so I always find something to put in there.

I'm so proud of myself!  And now that the medium GMD fitteds I bought no longer fit E., I'm thinking of doing this to my other large covers as well.  Heck, they can still be used as covers, too!  But we've found that pockets are our hands-down favorite way to do cloth diapers.

Anyway, just sharing!

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