Friday, October 14, 2011

Currently digging . . .

* Making and drinking big pots of tea in the coffeemaker since we've gone off coffee for a few weeks!  I'm sure we'll be back to coffee soon but tea is nice for now.
* Book club antics
* Freshly baked bread -- this last batch came out so good, I could eat the whole second loaf right now.
* A super cute and smiley baby -- she is so funny these days, and pleasant to hang out with for the most part
* New clothes and shoes ordered online, coming to me soon!  Anticipation!
* Listening to bird songs and "dawn choruses" on the internet -- so relaxing!  Baby likes it, too. :)
* Finally doing a little winter yard cleanup here and there, and will drop the piles off tomorrow at the free neighborhood cleanup!!
* Fall weather.  Long sleeves and a chilly breeze are the best.