Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photo post!

Here are some recent photos just out and about -- places we've been to lately.

First, it's the park behind Starbucks in Uptown Village!  A great place to stop and nurse the baby. :)

 This was on a fabulous sunny day, and getting out for a walk was the BEST THING EVER.  I had been pretty down, and the sun gave me a huge lift.  (I've previously self-diagnosed myself with S.A.D. [since I've moved here, tsk], and I think it's hitting me extra hard this year or something.  I just set up my poor-woman's S.A.D. light, which is 5 daylight-spectrum lightbulbs in a floor lamp on a timer, which turns on at 6:30am as I wake up.  Anyway, back to the photos!)

Next, it's Mount Hood keeping watch over East Vancouver!  I think we were going out to Whole Foods for our special laundry detergent (ooh, more on what we found out there in another post!)

Here's a picture from a walk downtown.  We were making some crazy faces and cracking ourselves up!

These next ones are from our jaunt along the Gorge earlier this week.  Just had to get out!
It was super foggy at first!

We saw a bunch of waterfalls and hiked around with baby in the frame pack.  I forget which fall this was . . . Horsetail?

On our way back from this already major adventure, we walked along the waterfront downtown!  I love that walk.  A few times we have even walked it from our house.
Anyway, just a few photos, for fun!  I may have other photos later, and definitely other posts.  I have a lot on my mind!

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rebecca said...

aw...So fun to see the pictures! I can related to the SAD thing. check out your gorgeous stomping grounds!