Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Review: A really good sandwich

I have made this sandwich twice now -- the first time, because I was trying to use up avocado, and the second time (today) because it was so tasty the first time around!  Try it!

Avocado Yum Sandwich

You will need four ingredients: Bread, an avocado, cherry jam, and sharp (or medium) cheddar cheese.  Tools required: a sharp knife, butter knife, toaster oven, and plate. (No glue guns or sewing needles, thank you very much!!)

First, toast your bread lightly. I like to do this on all my toasty sandwiches for that extra crisp factor, and for stability when applying other ingredients.

Then spread it with jam.  I think apricot jam would also be tasty, or perhaps that fig spread they have for cheeses, or even honey.  I had cherry -- a less-sugar-added, double-fruit kind -- the only kind I buy -- usually in Canada.  Anyway.

Cut your avocado in half, slice up half and add it to the sandwich.  The other half is for next time!  Slice off some cheese and put it on.  Be generous for best effect.
Toast it!  This photo is actually from the first sandwich, not today's, because it's the only one I took of the first sandwich, and I forgot to take a "melty shot" today.

Put your halves together, cut it DIAGONALLY (very important for best flavor always), and enjoy!

I think this sandwich would also be excellent with the addition of bacon and/or butter, but it is fantastic as-is.  I even told A. that somehow, with burning the bread a bit, the sharpness of the cheese, plus the sweet jam, it almost tasted like bacon, but he thought I was crazy.  Well, he doesn't like avocado so he didn't try it.  But you should!

(By the way, between sharp and mild cheddar, I think sharp wins.  And make sure your avocado is nice and soft, too.)  If anyone makes this, let me know!

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You are your father's daughter, with reference also to Dodo and Grandpa. Love, Mom