Tuesday, January 24, 2012


OK, after writing that last post I felt cruddy, so I managed to do the following:

a) roped A. into helping me give Eleanor her much-needed bath;
b) gulped down a second cup of coffee;
c) took a walk with E and the dog in the rain and it wasn't that bad;
d) called my best friend;
e) thought up some positive things, and here they are!

(by the way, that troll artist is Rolf Lidberg)

Positive things:

a) I have hereby apportioned this corner of the dining room table for my laptop, so that I may actually do some computing while watching E. in the main room.  See? I'm blogging right now!

b) I have some ideas for rearranging my computer/art room so that it's more usable.  Exciting!

c) I walked by a yard I don't always go by and saw a lovely collection of painted plaster lawn animals.  Nothing like smiling bunnies and turtles to brighten your day!

d) Eleanor is picking up walking more and more each day!  She is on her own two feet now, if only for several steps.  Cool!

e) It is also awesome how E. goes by houseplants and makes a point of sniffing them (flowers or no) ever since I showed her the concept of smelling flowers.  I love this.  Also how she leans in and kisses the characters in her books (totally her own idea).  See?  Just thinking about these things, I can't be in a bad mood.

f) Speaking of flowers, the bouquet I got from Safeway for E's birthday is still going strong!!!!

g) Still speaking of flowers, my daffodils and other assorted bulbs (a bazillion new ones I put in this fall) are starting to come up.  It's not even February!  So right there, despite all its faults, this Northwest climate beats the pants off everyplace else.  For gardeners.  Plants are our consolation prize, or something.


Feeling down about:

* All this rain.  I guess it waited till now to come down; we had a super dry Nov/Dec!!  So now it's just pouring and looks like 6pm all day long.  My poor solar watch only gets recharged when I hang it on a lamp.  Sad.  I really want to go on my normal walks with doggie and baby but I can't bring myself to do it 'cause I don't want us to all get drenched and miserable.  I'd rather it was just cold; I can do cold no problem!!

* I just figured out that my neighbor is a dementor.  That's why I feel so crappy after each encounter.  I'll just keep eating chocolate and practicing casting my patronus.  Begone!!

* Lack of sleep/poor sleep/sore body/not taking care of myself.  'Nuff said.

* That feeling when it's only 8am and you wish it was 5pm already so you could have hubby help and baby bedtime and a tasty dinner and time to yourself.  Oh, and the feeling when all the days are just blending into each other into eternity with nothing to look forward to . . . I hate that.


* We have a really cute new calendar for 2012 with all these watercolored trolls.  I have to go into the other room to find the guy's name.

* There have been breaks each day with no rain/light rain.  No sun, either, but at least I can take a walk and not become "wintry mix" embodied.  Going on walks seems to be my go-to activity when I can't think of what the hell else to do with myself and baby during the day.

* I'm reading Anne of Avonlea (well, the whole series, one book at a time) and that is super good for a mood boost and a reminder to simply imagine away your troubles.

* We finally threw some doors and drawers on our living room shelving, so now it looks way better and baby can't get into it.

* I'm trying to work on some changes around here to let me more easily do the things I want to do, like art stuff, projects, oh and simply using the computer.  Sometimes it seems like I go for days without using it . . . which is sort of good but I do miss having fun diversions . . . hey, wait, isn't this the good list?  Rats.  oh crud, baby's awake now.  So much for blogging . . .

Friday, January 6, 2012


I just wanted to tell you, Internet, that Eleanor did end up napping yesterday for 2 HOURS AND 15 MINUTES!!  All at once!  From about 1:40 to 4:00pm -- that's basically the whole afternoon right there!  I was able to do a crafting project and just relax.  Imagine if I had a whole afternoon to myself like that all the time!  Wow.  I daren't hope for any such thing, but I can dream about it.  You don't even understand how many half-formed projects are getting shoved into the cupboard that is my brain because I just don't have time to do them.

However, her naps have been getting better lately, with a few missteps here and there.  This week alone she had a 90-minute morning nap, then a 105-minute morning, then the magic 135-minutes (!!) yesterday afternoon, and today she slept 80 minutes this morning!  She's supposed to be sleeping now but is having her "quiet time" in the crib and quietly babbling and occasionally thumping.  I'll take it.

Oh, and she's been sleeping through the night again -- no wakeups from 7pm to 6am-ish -- like a champ!  She's always been a stellar night sleeper (and bedtime is so easy-breezy it's kind of scary), but naps are more challenging.  I've decided that it's never worth worrying or grumping over the missed naps -- she's a happy, smart, awesome baby so she must be getting the sleep she needs (though my me-time is basically non-existent, hence the grumping).

Anyway, I can't predict whether she'll sleep in the morning or afternoon, but you know, if I keep getting an hour+ chunk of sleep time per day from her, I may become a normal person again!  Time alone to do something that I want to do?!  These are exciting times.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

January 1st and already some of my daffodil bulbs are coming up!  I swear, they were not up yesterday -- they wanted to wait and greet the new year! (They are right by the front door and I have a habit of checking them daily.)

Recipe for a good New Year's Eve:

1. Put baby to bed. This is key.
2. Make a festive fun fondue with delectable dippers!
 (don't worry about how your house is in complete disarray as seen in photo above)

2.5 Tend to baby when she wakes up at 9:30, get her back to sleep (takes 10 mins).
3. Sit on couch and eat fondue and watch a Harry Potter movie and note when it is midnight and kiss your spouse. :)

Happy New Year!

PS- We also gave our fridge its yearly(?) cleaning on the 31st!  Hooray for a grimeless (for now) 2012!!