Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Feeling down about:

* All this rain.  I guess it waited till now to come down; we had a super dry Nov/Dec!!  So now it's just pouring and looks like 6pm all day long.  My poor solar watch only gets recharged when I hang it on a lamp.  Sad.  I really want to go on my normal walks with doggie and baby but I can't bring myself to do it 'cause I don't want us to all get drenched and miserable.  I'd rather it was just cold; I can do cold no problem!!

* I just figured out that my neighbor is a dementor.  That's why I feel so crappy after each encounter.  I'll just keep eating chocolate and practicing casting my patronus.  Begone!!

* Lack of sleep/poor sleep/sore body/not taking care of myself.  'Nuff said.

* That feeling when it's only 8am and you wish it was 5pm already so you could have hubby help and baby bedtime and a tasty dinner and time to yourself.  Oh, and the feeling when all the days are just blending into each other into eternity with nothing to look forward to . . . I hate that.


* We have a really cute new calendar for 2012 with all these watercolored trolls.  I have to go into the other room to find the guy's name.

* There have been breaks each day with no rain/light rain.  No sun, either, but at least I can take a walk and not become "wintry mix" embodied.  Going on walks seems to be my go-to activity when I can't think of what the hell else to do with myself and baby during the day.

* I'm reading Anne of Avonlea (well, the whole series, one book at a time) and that is super good for a mood boost and a reminder to simply imagine away your troubles.

* We finally threw some doors and drawers on our living room shelving, so now it looks way better and baby can't get into it.

* I'm trying to work on some changes around here to let me more easily do the things I want to do, like art stuff, projects, oh and simply using the computer.  Sometimes it seems like I go for days without using it . . . which is sort of good but I do miss having fun diversions . . . hey, wait, isn't this the good list?  Rats.  oh crud, baby's awake now.  So much for blogging . . .

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