Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

January 1st and already some of my daffodil bulbs are coming up!  I swear, they were not up yesterday -- they wanted to wait and greet the new year! (They are right by the front door and I have a habit of checking them daily.)

Recipe for a good New Year's Eve:

1. Put baby to bed. This is key.
2. Make a festive fun fondue with delectable dippers!
 (don't worry about how your house is in complete disarray as seen in photo above)

2.5 Tend to baby when she wakes up at 9:30, get her back to sleep (takes 10 mins).
3. Sit on couch and eat fondue and watch a Harry Potter movie and note when it is midnight and kiss your spouse. :)

Happy New Year!

PS- We also gave our fridge its yearly(?) cleaning on the 31st!  Hooray for a grimeless (for now) 2012!!


Janet C. Fish said...

Is that your living room? I LOVE IT! Love the color. I am curious, how do you keep the dog out of the food?

I have to say I chuckled to see the baby pen around the Christmas tree!

I'm so happy that I stumbled over your blog. Love your art too.

I bet it's fun to be your neighbor!

Janet C. Fish

Dorothy said...

Thanks!! Yup, that's my living room. We are lucky to have a VERY good dog, and she knows not to go for our food . . .

EXCEPT, after this photo was taken, we stepped out of the room to do baby care for a few minutes, and *somebody* had specifically eaten all the li'l smokies off the tray!! Not the ones wrapped in dough, not anything else, just a handful of extra hot dog pieces. Too tempting I guess!

Janet C. Fish said...

Ah yes, a tidy dog who is very selective and you never see it. We had one of those years ago. It was amazing how she could do that.