Tuesday, January 24, 2012


OK, after writing that last post I felt cruddy, so I managed to do the following:

a) roped A. into helping me give Eleanor her much-needed bath;
b) gulped down a second cup of coffee;
c) took a walk with E and the dog in the rain and it wasn't that bad;
d) called my best friend;
e) thought up some positive things, and here they are!

(by the way, that troll artist is Rolf Lidberg)

Positive things:

a) I have hereby apportioned this corner of the dining room table for my laptop, so that I may actually do some computing while watching E. in the main room.  See? I'm blogging right now!

b) I have some ideas for rearranging my computer/art room so that it's more usable.  Exciting!

c) I walked by a yard I don't always go by and saw a lovely collection of painted plaster lawn animals.  Nothing like smiling bunnies and turtles to brighten your day!

d) Eleanor is picking up walking more and more each day!  She is on her own two feet now, if only for several steps.  Cool!

e) It is also awesome how E. goes by houseplants and makes a point of sniffing them (flowers or no) ever since I showed her the concept of smelling flowers.  I love this.  Also how she leans in and kisses the characters in her books (totally her own idea).  See?  Just thinking about these things, I can't be in a bad mood.

f) Speaking of flowers, the bouquet I got from Safeway for E's birthday is still going strong!!!!

g) Still speaking of flowers, my daffodils and other assorted bulbs (a bazillion new ones I put in this fall) are starting to come up.  It's not even February!  So right there, despite all its faults, this Northwest climate beats the pants off everyplace else.  For gardeners.  Plants are our consolation prize, or something.

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