Monday, June 18, 2012

Cloth diapers: the first to go!

Well well!  The first of our cloth diaper stash to FAIL is the Thirsties Duo Diaper!  The velcro on it was getting rather curled and un-sticky, and the other day it fell off of E. in the night!  You can imagine the unpleasant surprise in the morning.  We have obviously abandoned that one!  I was wondering how long all the different brands would last . . . anyway, velcro in general is clearly inferior to snaps.  Another velcro one I made (converted pocket from Bummis cover) is almost kaput as well.  I suppose I could attempt to convert them to snaps . . . hmm, ponder ponder.

Oh, on topic (for once), Bum Genius may be a great diaper (the 4.0 is awesome), but the Cottonbabies warranty (and customer service) SUCKS!  I won't go into unnecessary, ranting detail, but I will just say: do not buy their Flip line, especially not the trainers system -- they break in 2 seconds.  And, to quote my old neighbor Joleen (who I should have listened to long ago! Joleen, if you're reading this, you were so right!!), "Good luck returning anything to Cottonbabies!"  Seriously.  I may buy Bum Genius in the future (a very tenuous maybe), but I'm certainly not shopping at Cottonbabies.

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