Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moms' Group = The One Mom Only.

Well, once again no one showed up to the moms' group (except me and E.)!  Disappointing, because I thought my sign might lure people, but also not unexpected.  I'll give it a couple more weeks before I stop pretending I'm there for a group that doesn't exist.

Oh, I realized that you can't really see the artwork in that last photo, so here's the sign again!

Note: it really did look like that for the first few weeks.  I didn't just imagine up some friends for a "group" that is now just me!  I know, there are many factors -- weather, school, etc.  The new sign has only been up a week; maybe there's still hope.  I did see another neighbor there today by chance, so it wasn't completely lonely.

Oh, randomly, because I'm looking in my artwork folders and talking signs, here is an unused MG plant sale flier I drew, from last year.

They didn't use it because they were trying to get the sale all "professional" looking and this doesn't look very "professional".  I agree that it is more on the creative side, but "professional" doesn't have to mean completely lame.  The flier they ended up making was a totally boring collection of clip art and lousy fonts (as was the one from this year).  I drew them a sign for the 2010 sale (to replace a totally boring collection of clip art and lousy fonts) and they liked that OK.  Then I went on to do all that artwork for the 2010 conference!! Ah well, who knows when I'll get to do MG stuff again, or if I'll even want to at that time.  Blah blah, that came from out of nowhere, sorry!


New Baby Gifts said...

Shame nobody turned up. Perhaps you should let them know if there is a cost or not? Whether there is tea, biscuits and sympathy.

Helen said...

It stinks about your mom group because that sounds so fun. Arthur & I do a lot of group stuff thru the park district, library, etc. and what I've learned is that parents of babies and toddlers are super flaky. Sometimes no one will show up, always people come very late. I don't know what the solution is.

Dorothy said...

Yes, the flakiness! Now I do understand to some degree (and have been later to events than my former self would ever have allowed), but it's not like being a parent gives you full license to forget manners and stuff! Anyway, it doesn't bug me too much anymore because I expect it in a way. And it is funny; I do library things too and I feel like I rarely see the same people each time, or often enough to make friends. I'm slow on that front and I need some consistency!

HOWEVER, now the moms group is back in action! A neighbor has been consistently coming and there's usually a third mom or two (rotating) so now it's fun again!