Monday, July 16, 2012

Kitchen mess

My kitchen is currently very messy, but it's not just the usual grime and dishes, it's PROJECTS!  Here's what's cluttering up my counters right now (that is, 10pm Sunday night).

* Half a loaf of homemade bread (yep, we've somehow managed to keep making our own, and haven't bought bread in months -- A. has headed up this effort)

* A pan of granola bar cookie snacky things (for me and E. -- this time I added peanut butter, yum!) that I should really put away before bed

* 3 pork roasts cooling on the stove before they get cut up for sandwich meat and frozen

* Cookie sheets from the 20+++ pounds of cherries we've been pitting and freezing . . . sounds crazy, but wouldn't you want cherries on your breakfast every day this winter?

* A raspberry pie I made today, courtesy of our crazy bushes in the yard

* A plastic tub of dried noodles A. and I made the other day, with pesto in the dough -- they are superb!  A little butter and romano on there, and superfluous bratwurst cut up in the bowl . . . insanely good.  I now know how to preserve that summery pesto goodness -- directly in pasta!

* And last but not least, the remains of a giant bowl of popcorn with plastic wrap over it

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