Saturday, September 29, 2012

Commence blog posts!

OK!  Now I have photos on my computer, so I can begin to look through them and find interesting things to share here.  I have some topical posts in mind, too, so there should be a flurry of activity soon.  Latest updates:

* E. is done with her first week of nursery school, and WE ALL LOVE IT.  Two mornings of alone-time per week is already starting to restore my sanity, and E. is apparently having so much fun, she doesn't want to leave when I come to get her.  Win!

* We're eating peaches like crazy.  Hey, peach time is only once a year, so overindulge when you can, says I!  We already canned 19 jars and now we're just pigging out on fresh peaches ALL THE TIME.  We buy 2 flats (that's 20 pounds) of Maryhill peaches a week, no joke!

* We signed up for yard waste removal!  I know, after all these years you'd think I'd already have it, but for various reasons we didn't till now, and I'm excited!  Yes, excited about trash pickup.  This translates to: excited that it's going to be 10 times easier to pursue my favorite hobby and keep our yard lookin' good.  I take it as a personal challenge to fill the bin every other week!  Gardening also keeps me sane, so it's good to have the extra motivation even during those rainy times when all you want to do is curl up and read/die/drink hot beverages/move to places where the sun still shines.  Now I have the dog, the kid, AND the bin to fill -- all to get me outside!

* I'm excited about blogging!  I know, after a big lull, I have all these things I want to share.  I think the freedom I feel surrounding E's school is making me feel like I might just have a life again.  It's amazing.  I will have to expand upon this topic at a later time.

I will leave you with a fun photo: puffy clouds of challah bread!  Have a fantastic rest of the weekend!

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