Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Meat, Part 2

So I thought I would write an update about our efforts to eat happy meat!  It's been . . . pretty good.  I just bought our second family pack of meat from New Seasons the other day, so I guess you could say that the first one lasted us 6 months.  Yes, you could say that, but it wouldn't be accurate, because we've been eating other meat in addition to our pack.

1. We've gone through a lot of Foster Farms frozen chicken breasts from Costco.  Like I said before, FF looks to be a fairly happy meat-ish establishment, so I feel OK about that.  I also feel OK that we've been eating more white meat chicken in general -- I guess it's better for us?  Shrug.

2. Costco also now carries organic, happy hamburger (yes, I got sucked in by the article in Costco Connection magazine), so at $4.99 per pound (it's 4-something anyway), it's still not cheap but not totally out of the budget, either.  I really needed this supplement to the New Seasons pack, because the pack only contains a couple pounds of hamburger.  Seriously, pasta with meat sauce* is the easiest and friendliest quick-fix dinner staple, so I just had to have more beef!

3. I went back to buying sad pork at Winco.  I had to!!  This is our lunch staple -- I make a simple pork loin roast with pepper and a little salt and cut it up into sandwich slices -- and without it, the options include super salty and gross presliced stuff, expensive deli turkey (also super salty), waaaaaay too expensive happy pork from New Seasons, or, like, PB+J.  Nothing wrong with PB+J -- I rotate it in some days -- but it just doesn't sustain you the same way.  Basically without the pork sandwich, we'd be hungry and even fatter.  I did find the elusive New Seasons value pack of happy pork ONCE (they never tell you what's going to be in the value bin -- frustrating!!), but it was the wrong cut and did not make enough, anyway.  So, sad pork it is.  It also happens to be ridiculously cheap (sometimes down to $1.78/lb.) so when I walk past it in the 'Co I just can't say no.

(I have been switching up my lunch a lot lately . . . leftovers, yogurt and cereal, salad, etc. etc. . . . sooo . . . I don't know what the point is there.)

Oh, and we've gotten a few sad chickens here and there . . . you know, the roasted ones for 5 bucks that equal the easiest dinner ever . . . if they were happy I'd buy those instead, but there are no happy roasted chickens sitting there looking and smelling delicious when I don't know what else to do for dinner . . . (maybe they are at New Seasons, but NS is across town and Safeway is in walking distance . . . .)

4. We've also been having some happy bacon from time to time!  Well, I don't know if it's happy, but it's nitrite-free and delicious and called Beeler's.  YUM.  OK, looking at their website, it's happy!  Hooray!  It makes me happy, too.

5. Oh, we're also going to start trying to have fish once a week for health purposes.  (Oops, it was supposed to be tonight, because it's trash night and all the leftover stinky fishbits can get thrown out right away.)  Anyway, I'm trying to buy the "good" fish, the wild Alaskan salmon and all that.  Oh well, next week.

I actually have a little guide that the state sent me at some point along with all the baby guide stuff they regularly send me for Eleanor (which is really cool, BTW).  Click for handy fish guide, and print!  Fits in your wallet!

*Don't even talk to me about marinara sauce.  If tomato sauce has no meat in it, I am NOT interested.  For whatever reason, I just hate plain meat-free tomato sauce!! Unless it is covering meat, of course, or involved in a dish containing vast amounts of cheese.

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