Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tidbits: the library and the baby

* Eleanor is talking, talking, talking!  Tonight at the Indian buffet she said, "Please get some more paneer please!"  She is not even two, and she's already saying please (twice in one sentence), saying "extra" words like "some", and enjoying paneer.  Awesome!  I need to have a whole "my baby is awesome" proud parent post up here soon.

* I love the library.  I can put books on hold and request interlibrary loans for myself and E., all from the comfort of my own computer.  (And occasionally the library has bought books for me their collection when they didn't already have them!)  I get emailed when holds are ready, and they're waiting neatly on the shelf for me to place them on the magical checkout pad and be out the door in 2 minutes.  Eleanor likes to grab the receipt when it prints out!

I was just sitting here, check-boxing books to put on hold in the future.  I love that I can check out books for E. and see what she loves before we think about buying them.  And, NEW! I've started taking out magazines so I don't have to subscribe!

I go in cycles on the library storytime for E.  Currently I can't deal with it because it's super-popular and crammed full of people!  It was like that in the beginning (and I was too scared/overwhelmed to go), but then it cooled off and was really fun for many months . . . I hope these crowds of people lose interest so we can go again.  Even E. gets overwhelmed by it when there's 35 grownups and their assorted kids (that's 70+ people in one room) making a racket and just being intense and eager for storytime!  Gaah!

Oh, two things I hate about the new library?  First, the building's design and complete lack of integration with the street/sidewalk/site.  Second, their parking lot.  I'm not going to rant about it right now, but rest assured, I hate that parking lot with the fire of a thousand suns.  And I hate the building design with the sadness of a thousand dropped ice-cream cones.

* I love E's nursery school and the fact that she consistently takes 2-hour naps every day now.  Did I mention this before?? Now that I'm rebuilding my personal life (connected to, but different from, my "mom life"), I'm pondering what things would have been like for all this time before, if I had had more any sanity breaks, and if she was actually taking consistent naps all along.  I've heard other babies do.  I think some other mothers get through the first year . . . and a half . . . without "going crazy" or experiencing debilitating depression.  Sadly, I feel that I was pretty much nuts for most of that time.  OK, well, at least up through about 15 months.  (I am super grateful to be using the past tense here!) Well, I'm done with all that now!  I get to have the best of both worlds: enjoy my kid, AND have time for my own interests and/or just taking a break. (Oh, and I'm done with nursing, too! That is key! 19+ months of nursing was plenty for me and E. We mutually called it off awhile back and now I really am starting to be able to get my body back.)

Another thing on this topic: I think E. is just at an easier age now, too.  She can communicate, understand, listen, move, play, pretend, entertain herself (and me) with toys and books (sometimes tuning me out even if I want to interact!).  She has her own little agenda and is constantly going, going, going.  It's fascinating.  She's just awesome.  Cute, funny, inquisitive, inventive, creative, smart, blah blah blah, brag brag brag, well it's true, she is just so much more fun and pleasant to be around than when she was a mysterious screaming infant.  As we know, I'm not intuitive in the least, so I'm loving her verbal skills!!

* In having all this free time, I'm starting more new ventures!  I'm not going to talk about it in detail here because some little corner of my brain is embarrassed at how much I jump all over the place creatively.  Luckily, the larger creative corner just does the jumping and doesn't care what I think. :)

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