Monday, December 17, 2012

Bollywood ramblings

While watching the fairly lame movie Salaam Namaste last night, right towards the end, to my surprise appeared . . . Abhishek Bachchan!!  He had a cameo as the "wacky" doctor in a TERRIBLE "hurry hurry people are giving birth at the hospital!" "comedy" scene.  Totally awful, but at least there was that.  Having given birth, may I just say that Ambar's pregnancy was totally unrealistic?  But we knew that already.  Running merrily through fields? Twirling and dancing?  Please.  At that stage, you're happy to (maybe) put on your shoes by yourself and (maybe) make it around your 15-minute loop to walk the dog.  Anyway.

I've also been listening to the Radio Polskastacja Bollywood station as I work on my art projects.  Super fun!  And even the minimal ads aren't too annoying, because they're in Polish!

Oh, and I'm teaching myself Hindi.  I got out some Pimsleur CDs at the library.  It's pretty funny; the first CD is all scratched up, the second less so, all the way to the 5th one, which is pristine.  No one makes it that far!  Ha ha, well, my goal is to at least make it that far, and supplement my learning with films.  You know, pyaar, dil, shaadi, etc.  Yup, I like goofy romance the best!  Oh and I'll admit it, I kind of love Shahrukh Khan, just like everyone else.  ha ha!

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