Thursday, November 21, 2013

What an insult

Har har!
People, I am posting this from my PHONE. Crazy, eh?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Right now I just have the e-book digital download up (yeah, you read that right!  I can rock the 21st century as well as anyone!), but give me another week and the printed book will be yours for the ordering, too.

Can I get a WOOT?!

Oh, and for all you Stargate Atlantis fans, there are 2 new prints in my shop just for you . . .

Now, to rest on my laurels for, like, an hour, until my kid gets up from her nap.  Ha!

Maybe I'll go to the fabric store, for secret new projects!!!  Hee hee heee!

Monday, October 7, 2013

More YOGURT results!

Ah ha ha ha ha ha, I found more YOGURTS to taste test!  (See my previous tests here and here.) These tests were separate, and the most unscientific yet.  First, I found a few at Trader Joe's, and just sat eating them on the couch while watching some old Big Bang Theory (a show I had almost forgotten existed, but was reminded of at a hair salon and remembered I found extremely funny a few years ago, so thought I would dig it up and watch more).   I didn't even write down my results, but I remember them well.

The second two yogurts I found at Fred Meyer.  I just ate them at the kitchen table (as in, just now), with water and coffee beans to smell, but honestly they're not even the same flavor, so it doesn't really matter.

I'm planning on another amazing showdown, and I'll tell you more at the end of this post!

Trader Joe's Greek Nonfat Honey: Alright, this stuff was tangy and chalky like any other nonfat Greek yogurt.  Seriously, avoid nonfat Greek yogurt, it is just like ALL nonfat yogurt: not very good.  Don't believe the hype! 2/5.

Trader Joe's Organic Greek Style Nonfat Honey: DISGUSTING!!  I couldn't even finish licking off the spoon after my initial stir.  This was as bad as the old goat's milk and Icelandic Greek yogurts.  It tasted like, I don't know, rotten meat?!  At least the non-organic one was edible, but this was just NASTY. 1/5.

Trader Joe's Greek Honey: Yum!  Creamy, nice balance, tasty full-fat Greek yogurt.  4/5.

Trader Joe's Greek Apricot Mango: This was surprisingly not very sweet.  It's sweetened with fruit juices and has no sugar in it.  The tang of it overpowers the fruity bits, but it was OK. Still creamy and nice, but I'd choose the honey over this one.  3/5.
Note: The two GOOD [full-fat] Trader Joe's yogurts came in the 8oz. tub with lid!!!! Not extinct!!!

Private Selection Amber Honey Greek 2%: OK, tiny bit chalky, tangy, standard yogurt-y, nice texture, would like it a bit creamier. 3/5 Note: the separate honey with this one tasted like normal honey, not like the weird grapey honey from Wallaby and Fage. Also, it was chalky even without thickeners.  Weird.

Mueller Greek Corner Lowfat Honeyed Apricot: Tangy, fruity-fresh peachy sweet, my tongue is tingling!!, good texture, pudding-y, refreshingly NOT chalky.  2.5/5  What a weird yogurt.  I downgraded it half a point because it literally tingled on my tongue.  I don't think yogurt should do that.  Also, if you enlarge the picture, you can see all the wacky thickeners and additives this yogurt has.  Oddly, it wasn't chalky!  The yogurt by itself has sugar in it (it was vaguely sweet), which is also bizarre in these "compartmentalized" types.  It was stupid to have the fruit goo separate; it should have just been blended in.

I guess across the board, I think the various flavors should just be blended in, instead of in these gimmicky separate compartments.  Can't some robot-operated vat-stirrer do all that tedious stirring for me?  Pretty much I want the end result to be uniformly and perfectly blended, sooo . . . let's just take my human error out of the equation and blend it at the factory, OK?

Anyway, here is my idea for the ultimate yogurt showdown!  I want to gather all the GOOD yogurts and have them face off!  I'll try and round up all my previous 4- and 5-star brands.  Then I can actually ENJOY a taste test of all yummy stuff!  I can't get away with giving all of them high marks, so I'll have to rank them.  Heh heh heh, this will be fun!  I wonder if I can rope my book club into participating??

Thursday, October 3, 2013

More Yogurts! Another Showdown!

Well well well, imagine my glee when I idly looked at the yogurt section at New Seasons, and found several more brands to taste test!!  (No, really, things like this help me out of the doldrums sometimes.)  Now, I've already done the Great Yogurt Showdown, so feel free to read that post for info on many, many more types.  This was more of a mini showdown.

I got some Greek, some full-fat, and some lowfat.  I didn't want to bother with more nonfat Greek types, since those have proven to be gross.  However, I tried Nancy's nonfat Greek, well, because it was there.  Flavors?  Honey and maple.  This was NOT a blind taste test because A. was working, but I did drink water and sniff coffee beans between each one again!  Also, I did the maples on one day, honeys on another.  Enh.

These results will shock no one, but here we go!

Part One: Maple

 Brown Cow Greek: Very creamy (fatty), not much maple, not too sweet, thick. 4.5/5

Nancy's lowfat: Super sour, runny, no maple flavor, not fatty, very yogurty, plain. 2.5/5 note: this has no sugar in it, only maple syrup, but it's still not sweet.  SPECIAL NOTE: This still comes in an 8oz. cup with a lid!!!!  I thought those were extinct!  I'm keeping the container forever!

Brown Cow Cream Top: very pleasant, nice balance, sweet and mapley, fatty-creamy, also yogurty 4/5

 Wallaby Lowfat: runny, super sweet, mapley like pancake syrup, not as fatty. 3.5/5

Part Two: Honey

Brown Cow Cream Top Greek: Creamy, thick, smooth, fatty, honey-sweet balance.  Yogurt tang without being sour.  "Mmm, whipped cream!" 5/5!

Note: the following two types had a separate honey compartment, so you mixed honey into plain yogurt.  The honey on its own tasted IDENTICAL in both brands, which I thought was odd.  Also weird: the honey flavor -- very fruity and almost grapey.  Also, trying to stir in refrigerated separate honey (let alone pour/scrape it out) is just a stupid idea.

Fage 2%: smooth, tangy, sweet.  Creamy but not fatty flavor. 4/5  Yes, I tried this one in the last taste test, but since it was pretty good, thought I'd throw it into the mix.

Wallaby 1.5% Greek: runny/thin.  Sweet.  Not really creamy. 3/5  I don't see how this is "Greek" with it being so thin.

Nancy's Nonfat Greek: very thick/tacky.  Honey flavor but not sweet.  Tangy/sour.  A bit chalky. 2/5 note: this was 6oz., not 8oz. like the maple, but it still had a lid!!  Which meant I was able to put it back in the fridge with the maple one and I will use them both for sour cream substitutes since they're both wicked sour.  Hmm, maybe this one would be tastier if I mixed it with jam . . . it was very thick, after all, which is a good thing . . .

Wallaby Lowfat Vanilla: More tangy, more runny than Greek honey.  Very sweet, good vanilla flavor, not that creamy. Oops, forgot to rate this one.  I wanted something to compare to the Greek, and I figured vanilla was the closest to honey.


5: Brown Cow Cream Top Greek Honey
4.5: Brown Cow Cream Top Greek Maple
4:  Brown Cow Cream Top Maple, Fage 2% Honey

OK, so looks like Brown Cow is the winner this time!  I have always liked their Cream Top Maple, so it's nice to know I can step up the flavor with their Greek varieties!

Other truths: You can always count on Wallaby to be runny.  You can always count on Nancy's to be exceedingly sour.  Don't get me wrong; I routinely buy a big 32oz. tub of Nancy's lowfat plain for my everyday eating and cooking.  It's good and doesn't have crap ingredients, and is super cheap at Winco.  Just don't expect any flavor OTHER THAN PLAIN from any of Nancy's other yogurts!

(Oh, yeah!  One time we tried Nancy's Cottage Cheese, and that was A BIG MISTAKE.  That stuff was gag-inducing disgusting, like so sour it tasted like it had gone bad.  We had to throw it out immediately.  You've been warned!)

Hey, I just had an interesting read over on the Nancy's website.  Who knew?  Fascinating company . . .

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Kawaii

So, even though I previously stated that I stayed away from "knockoff" diapers, I did get one Kawaii Baby diaper.  I had heard great things about this cheapo brand, and all told, it did the job just fine.

Photo from Kawaii website
The photo above is an approximation of what I had; they don't sell the exact pattern I got before.  It was an orange square-tab Snazzy Minky one-size pocket -- with an "embossed" tiger print design.  The tigers were really cute and cartoony, sort of engraved/embossed into the fuzzy minky fabric.  HOWEVER, they faded away after maybe 10 uses, so then it was just orange.

I'd say the shape is equivalent to a Fuzzibunz, but the pocket is wide enough to fit any insert.  It got pilly fairly quickly, but it did hold up better than I expected.  It didn't really leak, either!  Some of the stitching came loose after a long while (this has not happened to any other of my diapers).  Right before I retired it, the loose stitching was pretty bad; I don't think it would hold up for another round of use.

Anyway, if you want to cloth diaper on the cheap, Kawaii could be the way to go.  I guess I was surprised with how well they did; most people online said "you get what you pay for" in cloth diapering.  I was pretty annoyed that the cute little tigers disappeared, though! :(

Places to buy:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recipe Time! Chickpea curry with vegetable matter galore


1. Costco bag of baby squashes.  This has proven very useful, and the recipe on the bag is also wicked good!

2. Costco quinoa.  They have (had? It's been a while since I bought a bag, it lasts a long time) a good price on this stuff. 4-lb. bag!
3. The sauce. I think you could sub whatever bottle of fun sauce you want.  I just found the tikka masala cheap at . . . you guessed it, Winco!  It didn't even taste all that "tikka masala-y", but it was still good.  All I know is, if E. eats it, I'll make it again!
4. Who knew I liked beets??  The affinity has been sneaking up on me for a couple years, and after more tasty encounters, now I can confidently say that yes, I like beets! (roasted, in moderation.)  (And I've liked borscht for a long time!)

Anyway, this meal was really tasty.  We're trying to eat more veggie-based foods, and this "tasted healthy" but was ALSO fulfilling.    Definitely grab your hot sauce if you want ANY spiciness.

Note: If you are still hungry an hour later, you can always make popcorn!!! And drink lots of water!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Eat this now!

Thomcord grapes are so good!  They are almost just like Concords (so, so good), but seedless!  Just got some at Trader Joe's . . . you should, too!  Yay!

Cloth Diapers: Oh Katy

Oh Katy is an interesting diaper.  Up until recently, I would have said it is another excellent pocket diaper, a notch above the "standard" pockets and into the top tier of Bum Genius and Blueberry Deluxe.  However, towards the end of using this diaper (E. isn't in daytime diapers anymore), it developed issues!  More on that below.
Photo from Amazon

First, the pros.  This diaper is very soft -- the outer material is almost silky-ish and nice.  The inner microfleece is super soft and didn't pill up as much as others.  It has vertical snap placement, yay!  It's very stretchy for a great fit.  The diaper has the weird distinction of opening in the front, but for me that was neither here nor there.  It could have opened in the back and I'd still like it.

Generally I would have recommended this diaper, even going so far as to say I would have bought more in other of their nice, subtle, muted colors (the purple I got is deep and eggplant-y and lovely).

HOWEVER, they started leaking.  Not so much leaks out of poorly-sealed gaps, but that "wicking" action where the outer fabric is soaking through and the whole thing becomes sodden and gets onto clothes.  I don't think they are good for bigger toddlers. All my other pockets were fine with a standard double-stuff of inserts, but at a certain point, this one leaked where the others continued to be totally fine.  It's like there's a level of pee that Oh Katys just can't take.

Hmm, I see that the outer is made of TPU and not PUL, so maybe that has something to do with the lack of waterproof-ness.  OOH, read this article for the differences between TPU and PUL! So that could definitely be why these don't hold up.

I just read a few other reviews to this same effect: Oh Katy diapers are fantastic until they suddenly and catastrophically fail.  So I suppose I could recommend them for smaller, younger babies, but that's it!

Also it looks like the Oh Katy brand has some new owners, so maybe they'll make some changes to the design.  I don't know!

Cloth Diapers: Blueberry

Blueberry diapers are quite nice.  We tried two types, the Basix (size large) and the One-Size Deluxe.  I didn't go for their "sister" brand Swaddlebees, because those all have cotton interiors, and I wanted the stay-dry microfleece inside.

Photo from Blueberry site

The Basix is actually an unusual diaper.  It's side-snapping, WITH an insert attached at one end AND it's a sleeve pocket design!  So it's a form of AIO (all-in-one), I suppose.

Side snaps?  Fine, trim-looking, able to pull up and down as pre-training-pants.
Sleeve design?  I always like that, but in this case, the attached insert made it difficult to maneuver additional inserts into the sleeve (as she grew, we eventually needed 2 inserts in all her pockets, or else there would be leaks!).  The attached insert (and anything else I had put in) did agitate out as advertised, though.

Attached insert?  This I did NOT like.   It just made it hard to double-stuff this diaper.  Once in a while I would run a big laundry load of JUST inserts, washing them with a little bleach . . . and obviously this attached one didn't make it into that load.  You're not supposed to bleach the outer shells, so the Basix insert never got bleached, and over time got a bit stinky.  Not gross-stinky, but musty-stinky.  I wish I could have taken it out!

I do love the "messy hands" print, though.  Wish I had gotten it on another One-Size Deluxe instead!

Photo from Blueberry site

The One-size Deluxe is pretty much comparable to Bum Genius 4.0 in every way (meaning it's really good), except it does not have the microsuede inner.  But it's got vertical snaps, it's stretchy, it's durable, and even though it's pricier, that owl print is super cute!  I'm glad I tried this oft-used addition to my stash.

Blueberry also makes EXCELLENT training pants, but that is another post!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Knickernappies

Another solid, not-that-exciting pocket diaper I tried was the Knickernappies one-size.  Pretty good, no leaks, microfleece inner, fits all the inserts.
Photo from Simple Wonders

The only distinction this diaper really has is that it's side-snapping.  This is relatively rare among cloth diapers generally, and it didn't have much benefit for me.  Actually, it was a bit harder to get the side-snappers on; your brain has to turn a bit inside-out after being accustomed to "normal" front-snappers.  I will say that the side-snapping diapers DID look a bit trimmer, but overall, I don't think side-snapping is a particularly beneficial feature.

Later on, we did go through a (short) phase of wearing the Knickernappies (and the other side-snappers I tried, Blueberry Simplex and BabyKicks) with just one insert, as a sort of pre-training-pants, because you CAN pull them up and down without unsnapping.  It was handy to have a more substantial "trainer" in rotation as she was first learning (for outings, etc.).

Photo from Knickernappies site

The diaper came with a pair of their Loopy-Do inserts (or maybe I paid a couple bucks more for them; I forget where I bought the diaper).  These were highly reviewed as being really absorbent and generally awesome . . . but in my experience, it was just another insert.  And because it was this 2-layer sewn thing, it just added to the bulk!  The Loopy-do has a hemp layer, which is all very exciting when everyone says hemp is SO GREAT at absorbing and so on, but after all my time CDing, I am NOT a believer in hemp!  In my experience, hemp is absolutely worse then microfiber or cotton than absorbing, to a laughable degree.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Happy Heinys

Happy Heinys were another brand of one-size pocket diaper I tried, and overall I put them in the "solid, middle-of-the-road, not-bad-but-not-extraordinary" diaper category.  We used them regularly, knew we could depend on them . . . just another pocket diaper.

Photo from Amazon, which BTW has a ridiculously high price for some reason
Photo from Amazon, ditto high price, shop elsewhere!

Photo from Tinkletinkletoot

Now, according to their website, the One For All (their one-size) has a new design, so my experience is based on the old design.  I bought the purple one (discounted!) and the Peace Bears print because it was just so cute!  The pink "aplix" (velcro) version was sent to me as a freebie from Kelly's Closet.  I didn't really want another Happy Heinys at the time, nor aplix, nor pink, so it wasn't that great a surprise and it got relegated to the diaper bag (read: hardly ever used).

I found them to be just fine, although FOUR snaps was overkill and a tad annoying when you're trying to diaper in a hurry!  The inside microfleece got pilly, but that didn't affect performance.  They did get "the sticky factor" on the back of the PUL (where you put your hand in to stuff them) more than/quicker than other brands.  The inserts would stick and tug on the PUL and it was difficult to maneuver them in there.  It got really annoying, and we had plenty of diapers by that time, so we put them in seldom-used retirement.

Photo from Diaper Lab, which incidentally is a local store in Somerville, MA! 

Ooh, also!  To build my stash in the very beginning, I bought a Peace Bears print diaper cover, too, but it didn't get much use.  This was because 1) it was huge (even snapped down to the smaller size); and 2) my other Thirsties and Bummis covers were working out just fine, and I kind of had too many covers!  My heyday of covers was mostly in the beginning, before she fit into the pockets.

Anyway, as I'm trying out some new options for overnight NOW (more on this in another post), I think my big Happy Heinys cover is going to come in very handy. :)

Overall? This pocket diaper doesn't do anything a Bum Genius doesn't do.  I'd go with BG instead . . . although those peace bears are super cute!!

Cloth Diapers: Fuzzibunz

Fuzzibunz was another pocket I tried.  I got their original one-size design, so I can't speak to their new "Elite" version. (Also, sorry all these photos aren't aligned/positioned very well . . . Blogger is very wonky with things like that and I am no web designer!)

Photo from Fuzzibunz site

Photo from Fuzzibunz site
First I got the "apple green" one-size, and my first complaint was that it was really narrow.  This meant that all the other (wider) inserts didn't fit in it, so you had to match it up with Fuzzibunz inserts.  (Or I could use a prefold in there, but that limited its absorbancy to a "light-duty" diaper.) Also, the Fuzzibunz adjustable elastic system was super hard to use!!  Hopefully they've redesigned that by now.  I could not imagine having a full stash of these and adjusting all those buttons as baby grew.

Anyway, being narrower and just overall smaller-seeming, the Fuzzibunz did fit her well in the beginning.  Then it just started leaking like crazy as she grew and I tried to adjust it, so I abandoned it.

The aqua-color diaper was a Perfect Size, Size Large, which I got later on.  This was actually a really nice diaper!  It really was the perfect size for her at the time, with nothing to adjust.  Also, it was wider than the one-size so other brands of inserts fit into it.
This color, called Spearmint, is a lot darker and really lovely in real life.  I found a blog post that has many pictures of the "real" color.

Photo from 
The other Fuzzibunz product I tried later on was their minky inserts.  Minky is a super-soft and furry fabric, and Fuzzibunz claimed that it absorbed as well as microfiber, and was trimmer.  I would have to say that that is true -- they did great for a while!  But then, just like the Mommy's Touch boat diaper outer, E. nabbed all three minky inserts for her lovies/fuzzies at night.  I was only able to get maybe 4 uses out of them before she took them to cuddle with.  Oh, well!  They are super cuddly, I must say.  If I were to do it again and my old microfiber inserts got worn out, I'd consider purchasing more of these minky inserts to replace them.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

ALSO . . .

I just inked the first story of Issue #1 of my as-yet-unnamed NEW COMIC BOOK!


Are you telling me that when I set the font to "Largest", this is the biggest it gets?  What the hell?  I will just have to express more excitement with a rainbow!

Dhadak Dhadak!

My 2.5-year-old is obsessed with this song!! Meaning we have to play it on a constant loop in the car, and every now and then watch the video together on my computer. Luckily, I really like it!  I mean, that's why I have it on a CD of Bollywood music to play in the car in the first place. (I've really got to read/memorize the lyrics, because E. is asking me what they're saying and all I can say is, "it's Hindi!"  So far, she grasps the concept and knows that it's "not English" and "not Spanish".  Side note: she will speak a bunch of gibberish and say she's "speaking in Spanish".  Crazy!  I don't know any Spanish; where is she getting that?!)

I predict this will be in your head until the end of time . . . or maybe that's just me, with the constant play!

Bunty Aur Babli is a great movie.  I heart Abhishek Bachchan, and Rani Mukherjee, too. :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sci fi? Funny? Canadian? I'm crushing.

Nerd alert! I've been watching Atlantis again and stumbled upon* this silly video.  Hee hee! Despite his character being the most abrasive person ever, I'm kind of starting to *heart* McKay.  I know!!  But it's true.  Welcome to my pile of sci-fi crushes, David Hewlett. :)

* because I was looking at David Hewlett's Youtube channel, eh heh heh  . . . he is a funny, geeky guy!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Rump-a-Rooz

Ah, Rumparooz!  These diapers (the "G2" with snaps) were great, but a factor in their success became a reason we stopped using them.  Read on!
Photos from Rumparooz website

I got the yellow and kangaroo print in the beginning. The kangaroo print is SUPER cute on a baby!  (The yellow was ultimately too reminiscent of peepee!  Bright yellow diapers = not a good choice.  Sorry, but it's true!)  Later on, I don't know what possessed me to get the green one, but I did.  I really liked Rumparooz despite the price, so apparently I thought it was worth getting another.  (But the green one?  I should have gotten the cute Eco Owls one!  Why green??)

Anyway, Rumparooz are very soft and cozy-cuddly.  They have "pilly" fleece on the inside, but it manages to stay soft, and always feels like you're making your baby very comfy. :)  They have my preferred vertical snaps for a better, longer-lasting fit.  They hold up really well; even the outer white on the kangaroo one never looked dingy or anything.

Rumparooz are one-size pockets, but they are on the small side.  They fit E. first of all her pockets (close to the time of Bum Genius as well).  We got lots of use out of them in the beginning!  But later on, we sadly had to retire them early when she got too big.  Rumparooz definitely don't last until the advertised "35+ pounds".  Again, if I had gone with all Rumparooz in my stash, I'd have been stranded!  Luckily, larger pockets had already come into play when she got bigger and I had her covered (pun fully intended)!

Now, unique to Rumparooz is the DUAL INNER GUSSETS!  That's right, they have two extra gussets on the inside -- a feature that they recently got a patent on.  Anyway, these gussets work FANTASTICALLY.  Keeps everything in where it belongs.  We never had leaks with these.  We happily used them and washed them (though I must mention, some stubborn inside staining is possible around all the folds of the gussets -- hard to sun them out completely). She was exclusively breast fed for a really long time (7-8 months) so #2 was not too bad.  Great for out and about; we didn't have to worry.

But then . . .

came . . .



She started eating solid foods.  OK, fine.  We got out the diaper sprayer and our cloth diapering world was still easy and fun.


The curse began.

Every time we put her in a Rumparooz, she pooped in it.  I'm not even making this up.

And you know what?  I will admit, that super-duper double gusset was a pain in the rear to clean with the sprayer!!  The gussets certainly helped the diaper be "bulletproof" while on the go, but then -- then -- you were confronted with 78 new nooks and crannies -- not present in other cloth diapers -- that you had to try and get the you-know-what out of.


It was amusing at first, but then it became all too serious!  I got into a paranoid state where I didn't want to put them on her at, shall we say, sensitive times.  And never at night, or while going out anymore.  Cloth diapering is super easy-breezy when nursing, but when you get to solid foods and the sprayer, you want easy clean-up!

Luckily, she starting outgrowing the Rumparooz around this time, too, so I just stopped using them after a while.

In conclusion, Rumparooz are great for smaller babies and the gussets are a plus, but WATCH OUT FOR THE CURSE!!!

Oh, and it's too late for my little one, but they just came out with this awesome new print ("Preppy")!  Look at its rainbow glory!  Oh, if only it had been available way back when!

 Photos from Rumparooz website

Cloth Diapers: Mommy's Touch

I thought I had better get back to my cloth diaper reviews before E. is completely out of potty training (I'd say we're 93% there) and I forget everything!

Today's review is Mommy's Touch!  Specifically, the Easy Clean Snaps pocket diaper.  These are fantastic because they have the coveted sleeve pocket design -- no reaching in to unstuff!  They also have vertical snaps, allowing for a better fit on legs vs. tummy.

Photo from
Photo from

^Round One^
Photo from GreenMountainDiapers

Photo from Amazon
Photo from GreenMountainDiapers

photo from Amazon
 ^Round Two^

Photo from Amazon

Photo from Amazon

 ^Round Three^

These did not fit E. for quite some time -- they are HUGE (even when snapped to the "small" setting).  But that means they are also a great night diaper (fit 3 inserts with no leaks), and they still fit her now at 32ish pounds (for night -- the only time she still needs a diaper).

I did have trouble when she was almost 19 months, when the PUL of our lone red and orange MTs de-laminated and ripped open, one right after the other!  That rendered them useless because obviously they were no longer sealed.  Here is a picture I took way back when, thinking towards the future and this very blog post!

I'm not surprised they finally failed; as the favorite night diaper, we used them substantially more than the various other diapers we rotated through the day -- more wear!  So I had to throw them out.  After this happened, I still didn't feel bad buying more, because they were THAT good for night.  So I bought Round Two, the red bandana one, dragonflies, and sailboats.

Now, a funny thing happened: E. became VERY attached to these patterned diapers!  Don't ask me why . . . toddlers are weird like that.  She would not allow us to put the boats one on her, preferring to sleep with it (unstuffed) as a fuzzy/blankie/lovie!  This happened with the bandana one for a while, too, and dragonfiles to a lesser extent.  So I bought Round Three: the light, dark, and bright blues because the others I just bought were essentially unavailable for actual use!  So funny.  She still sleeps with boats, but will let us put all the others on her.

This brings up a good point across the board: for cloth diapers, PRINTS are the best!  Fun pictures on the diaper get your kid excited about changing time -- at least on the later end of diapering when she's paying attention to stuff like that.  (I will talk about this more with potty training.)


By the way, I had a tough time finding pictures of the ones I bought (colors/patterns seem to fluctuate over time), so the images above are from around the web -- and they're not all the Easy Clean; some are of MT covers.  I bought most of mine from -- it looks like they were just having a huge sale of them and they're all out of stock, though.  ???  I definitely think it is worth having Mommy's Touch in your stash, so here are some other sources for the Easy Clean Snaps:

Amazon I bought my last round from Amazon (I think) and you have to dig around a bit to get various colors . . .

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mood lifter!

Even if you don't know the movie, don't understand what's going on, and don't recognize all of the crazy cameos, I dare you to be in a bad mood after watching this!  Partying with Shahrukh Khan and friends: LOVE IT!! (I watch this any time I'm feeling down, and so should you.)

Also, check out my "embedding" skillz!  A video on my blog?  How 2007 of me!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Thursday!

So far . . .

* Drawing a funny picture for E.
* Coffee and pastries out
* Scheming with the Hubster over lawn care, pressure-washing, stoop-painting while we're still in the season of sun
* Crazy scramble play with the dog in the hallway
* Working on art for my bro
* Being inspired by another blogger (yay) on this mini-break
* Really really wanting to move home
* Excitement over my retail-therapy packages coming from Zulily
* Time to draw comix!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


OK, so here are some pictures from "In the Neighborhood" from July 19th. (photo challenge)

I think I'm pretty much failing at the rest of this photo challenge.  Between drawing other stuff and just life in general (my other Hindi book came in from the library, so back to language learning!!!!), I'm probably giving up!  I'll still think about the daily prompts, but I promise nothing.  Boy, doing anything *daily* is a true challenge!  I can barely manage to take my vitamins.

. . . OK, maybe I can keep going from today onward, but I can't handle a photo backlog.

Oh hey!  I am really good at drinking coffee every day, and getting dressed.  Brushing my teeth!  Meals! I go to the bathroom multiple times per day!  See?  I'm OK after all. :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Photos taken, not posted . . .

It's so hard for me to find time (apparently) to actually POST the photos I take.  I'm working on it!  This challenge is certainly challenging!  Stay with me; I'm not a failure!

Friday, July 19, 2013

More "challenge" photos soon

I'm here!  I skipped "smells delicious", but I have some "in the neighborhood" pictures to sort through.  Soon!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 17: Eat

Mango time!!  This was a superb mango -- and only 58 cents!

(Photo Challenge)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16: Begins with "T"

Yup, it's tea.  How obvious!  That aside, allow me to point out my current favorite teas, which I've arranged prominently in my crazy tea cupboard.  I don't think I'm friends with anyone who *doesn't* have a crazy tea cupboard . . . not saying you *can't* be my friend if you don't have one, but . . . well . . . who can live without a zillion teas?!?

Anyway.  Current caffeinated favorites:
* St. Dalfour Classic Breakfast. This is just such a nice black tea, very clear and fresh and lovely.
* Super Irish Breakfast.  Another nice, slightly different (assam?) black tea.  Lucky me, it's cheap at Winco!
* Tetley British Blend.  I have to have a "large quantity" box of basic, strong black tea hanging around at all times.  I'm out of all my Canadian imports, but this is a nice (readily available) substitute.
* Mlesna Canadian Ice Wine.  This is a SPECIAL tea. 1) it tastes delicious, like ice wine!  If you haven't had ice wine, you need to try it.  Lucky me, it's a spec-i-al-i-teey of Nova Scotia!  Make wine with frosty grapes, = super sweet and delightful treat.  Anyway, this tea tastes like it. 2) I got to drinking lots of this tea when I was working on a past art project (incidentally, in Canada), therefore my brain now associates it with focused, productive working and creativity.  So I drink it when I'm trying to, say, draw or write a book or what have you. It helps me work; amazing!! 3) Instead of having to stock up in BC (although they have other, equally exciting brands and styles of ice wine tea there), I have found it on the internet!  However, I'll take any excuse for a trip to BC . . .!

I love black tea.  Green's OK when I'm in the mood.  (Or for a green-jasmine-milk-tea!!) White tea is pointless.

Current decaf favorites:

* Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma.  My "autumnal" tea with other fond memories attached, but also just a nice tea for the afternoon.
* C. S. Decaf India Spice.  My evening/night tea!  Subs great for dessert when I am all snacky and craving sweets at night.  I fill up a huge mug and steep it forever, lots of milk and sugar.  This is the best "chai" I have found.
* Decaf Tetley!  Sometimes I just need a standard cup of black tea, but it's late in the day and caffeine is unwelcome.  There you go.
* C. S. Sleepytime Vanilla.  I have always loved Sleepytime, since I was a kid.  The Vanilla flavor is fantastic!!  Add some milk and sugar/honey and you have another desserty (and calming) treat.  The Sleepytime Peach is also very good (I have some in there!), but the vanilla really rocks for that sweet tooth thing.

What are your favorite teas?  I'm always looking to add to my collection!
(Photo Challenge)