Monday, January 28, 2013

A break from diapers: my updates!

Howdy!  It's me, the me who's not thinking about cloth diapers at the moment.  (BUT, that's all I've been feeling like writing about lately -- must finish the reviews!!)  Anyway, just so I don't forget my own life later (heh), here are some OTHER minor updates, in case you care.

* Yes, I'm older.  Blargh.  Now my birthday doesn't really count, because I'm a mom, and my kid's birthday (a week before mine, incidentally) is the important one.  (The birthday balloon burst for me last year, actually, at E's first birthday.)  Actually, it was funny, when my parents were here, my mom had to remind me that I was, indeed, still important.  You know, as a person.  I guess!  I did have a blast doing all kinds of fun activities on and around my birthday, and I made my own cake from scratch with an inspirational message (above).  But it doesn't help that now, a couple weeks later, I have just hurt my knee for no reason (some minor twist or something, I've got a brace on it), and I'm just, you know, fat and old.  whee.  OK, self, just stop right there and write something positive!

* I'm still working on learning Hindi!  I took a huge break over the holidays, but I'm back in action.  I look forward to it so much!!!  Three mornings a week (while E. is in her school), I put on my CD and headphones, and practice my Hindi while working a little on my "oshie craft" project, all in a nice half hour chunk.  Alternately, I practice while staring into space or out the window, because it can be hard to concentrate on two things at once, let's be honest.  Then I come out in the kitchen and say random Hindi things to A.!  Hooray!  It's super exciting!!  Did you know Hindi word order seems to be akin to German?  I *knew* German would come in handy someday!

* Speaking of Hindi, I've started again with cooking Indian food.  It's the best way I've found to increase my vegetable/legume consumption.  And I need to do that to lose weight!  Sooo, yeah, I'm specifically trying to lose weight again.  By that I mean that I'm, you know, thinking about it and actually trying and making good choices and I have some goals.  Honestly, I feel like I'm fat no matter what I do, but we shall see.  OK, back to positivity!!  What else?

* My brother verified that I should make quinoa a part of my daily diet, and I have -- to great success!!  Pop that stuff in the rice cooker and you're good to go!  I had no idea it was "a complete protein", like you can eat it without other meat or troublesome beans and still get nutrients and feel full.  I even pronounce it properly now (keen-wah) instead of making fun of it and saying it wrong on purpose. :)  Did you know that quinoa-breaded fried eggplant slices are insanely good?  Cook quinoa, use as breading, fry, eat.  Bring to book club for extra credit!!

* ooh ooh, before I hurt my knee, I was doing situps, too!  That is positive.  We've got the ol' Stargate: SG1 on in the evenings, and we exercise to it.  How about that?!  I've recently done over 100 situps (not all at once; are you kidding?  People, I've got to work up to that), which is 100 more than I've done in the past, oh, seven years?!  Ha ha ha ha haaa!

* Oh, I am slowly working on some life comics here and there, but they're really just for me.  So yeah, you'll have to just sit tight and enjoy cloth diaper reviews and the occasional Etsy offering while I think up some more comicky drawing/writing projects to share.  It'll probably take a long time.

* That's about it.  Things are just slow.  It's OK, life is like that sometimes.  All I really want to think about these days is Hindi, Indian food and healthy recipes, cloth diapers, reading stuff, and playing dorky $0.99 Myst-like adventure games on my Nexus, which I solve in under an hour.  Oh, and watching Daniel Jackson on SG1! hee hee!

PS- For an instant lift, listen to Bollywood music.  It reliably pulls me out of the blues -- so I have it on almost constantly these days. ;)

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