Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Green Mountain Diapers

Prefolds!  Fitteds!  Green Mountain Diapers was my prime source for these styles.

Now, even though pockets are great, I do love prefolds for other reasons.  They can be anything!  Looking back, I would recommend getting a dozen GMD prefold diapers even if you don't have kids!!  They are perfect in the kitchen for wiping up spills, cleaning -- shoot, they'd make a fantastic dinner napkin.  They are ABSORBENT, so much so that I have become impatient with other kitchen towels and dish cloths.

For babies, aside from lining a diaper cover, prefolds can be burp cloths, little pillows, little mats when baby is hanging out naked, a liner for a high chair, a change mat, a general rag, put water on it for an impromptu wipe or washcloth, etc. etc. etc. We got a dozen yellow-edge (small) and a dozen red-edge (medium).  The yellow ones just live in our kitchen now!  I'm glad we got the two sizes as she grew.  Oh, and as for actual diapering, we never used Snappi fasteners or wrapped the prefold around E. in any fancy way -- just an envelope fold, laid down in a cover.  Place baby on top, close up the cover, annnnd, done.  Like this:

Before I forget, prefolds can be pocket inserts, too!  Just fold it as you would to put in a cover, but put it in a pocket diaper instead.  We did that a lot to increase absorbency, and it also worked well wrapped around a regular microfiber insert.  Everyone should have some GMD prefolds!  (They really are nice -- I was given some other, possibly Bummis, unbleached prefolds, and they were not as soft as GMD.)

In looking at their website anew, it looks like they're discontinuing the Cloth-eez Workhorse fitted I bought in favor of a (pricier) organic one.  I might not have gone this route had they been $10. each, but who knows?  Photo is of the ones I got; link goes to the ones you can buy now.

At first I just ordered 1 (or 2?) to try it out, and it was so handy, that I rushed to order maybe 4-5 more (yellow size)!  In my zeal, I made the same mistake as the covers: I also got 4-5 larger (red) ones (you know, for later!), which ultimately were not as useful because E. fit into the pockets by then.  And as previously mentioned, I found pockets to be way easier than a 2-piece system.  I must say though, as much as I love prefolds, these fitteds did seem to hold more, and were easy to just snap on.  I thought these GMD fitteds were reasonably priced, but overall I didn't explore the world of fitteds, simply because they were expensive!  I figured if I was paying around the price of a good pocket, I may as well get all the features of a pocket, and not have to deal with a cover, too, you know?

Later on (18 months?), I got a little more use out of the red-edge fitteds as we stepped up our casual pottying, since cotton is a "feel-wet" fabric. (More on potty training another time!)  I would just have her in them around the house sans cover.  This was a good way to "air things out" from time to time, too, clearing up small rashes and what have you.

I also got some Malden Mills fleece stay-dry liners from Green Mountain Diapers.  My friend (hi, Emily!) recommended them as being hefty and not rolling into useless little wads like the Bummis fleece ones did for her.  Well, these MM fleeces were a LIFESAVER, because cotton, no matter its other wonderful properties, does feel wet when wet.  Babies wake up when they feel wet! (Mine did, at least!)  Therefore, for sleep situations, we always lined the prefolds and fitteds with one of these fleece liners.  Magic!  She would pee and stay asleep!  I quickly learned the absolute necessity of stay-dry linings for uninterrupted sleep, so buying cotton-lined pockets (like, say, Swaddlebees or Bum Genius Elemental) seemed silly to me.  More on stay-dry pockets in future posts!

These liners have held up GREAT, and now I use them occasionally if I suspect a #2 is imminent . . . cleanup is easier!

Oh, and it's barely worth mentioning, but I did get a GMD Snug-to-Fit Supreme fitted diaper in some discounted color, and it was just mediocre.  It was huge, first of all, and then never did fit her properly, with the cotton being kind of "hard" and not stretchy.  It was there on the shelf, but I never reached for it.

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