Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Intro

As I've said in the past, I'm going to periodically review all the many brands and types of cloth diapers I've used on little Eleanor -- right here on the blog!  It's my service to the public!!  This short intro is not comprehensive, but a list of important points I've found in using cloth diapers.  Each post will have its own details and probably bits of general info, too.


1. Cloth diapering is easy, and yes, fun -- why not make this, some might call the least fun aspect of baby care, super fun and cute and cozy?!  Cloth diapering is your path to fun, cuteness, and coziness!  And I've found over time, that Baby enjoys all the different soft, colorful diapers, too! (more on that later)

2. It definitely adds to your laundering chores, but you get used to it.  And it doesn't use all that much extra water -- at least not with a HE front-loader, which we have.  Oh, we use Planet detergent.  Yup, I read the blogs, reviews, etc. and settled on that one as the most accessible, least expensive, good for general laundry use, diaper-safe detergents out there.  (Maybe I'll do a detailed laundering post sometime.)

3. It's true: there's less diaper rash, fewer leaks, more body awareness (I'll do another post on infant potty training or "elimination communication" at some point), and, yay, no gross wasteful bags of poopy landfill-bound sadness!!!

4. You will become obsessed, like me!  All the fun prints, colors, types, "fluff", homemade or "WAHM" (work at home mom) diapers, the soft fabrics, etc. all add up to a special type of caring for your baby that, well, you can't get with disposables.  And they didn't even MAKE minky linings and inserts when I was buying my stash!

5. It's totally worth it to buy a variety of brands.  There have been (and continue to be) times when I was SO GLAD I had all the options.  Some would fit great, then start leaking as she grew, so I switched the types around.  Later on, I'd come back to those same diapers and they'd work again.  I would have been really screwed had I bought, say, two dozen of one type.  They all have their uses!!

6. My stash consists of a few covers and prefolds/fitteds, and then mostly pockets.  Those suited us best, hands down.  I'll touch upon the reasons for this throughout the posts . . . mostly convenience and not having to adjust various bits of cloth around baby's bum ad infinitum!  (Ad infini-bum? ha ha ha!)

Anyway, welcome to my world!  Oh, and the photo above is fairly old -- I have . . . so many more now . . . HA HA HAAAAA! ^_^

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