Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Smartipants

One of my favorite cloth diapers has been Smartipants.


Photos from Smartipants website

The pros:
* They are a few dollars cheaper than the average price for most pockets -- and even more so if you get a handy 3-pack!
* They are a sleeve pocket, which means the insert agitates out in the wash -- no unstuffing!  I think every pocket diaper should be a sleeve pocket diaper!
* They fit Eleanor early on, so she had more consistently good pockets (along with Bum Genius) in addition to the fitteds/covers.
* They are pretty trim as far as cloth goes: really, truly, not too bulky.
* They are GOOD.  Non-leaking, "bulletproof" good.  Always the ones we chose off the pile.
* They have the superior stay-dry "suede" lining, instead of pilly fleece.  Smartipants and Bum Genius are the only two I tried that have this.
* They have a "crossover" snap, which is just convenient for snapping them to store or wrapping them up on the go.  Our girl never needed the crossover snap in order to size a diaper down to fit!
* For being used so much, they have held up exceptionally well!

The cons:
* The pocket itself is smaller than other brands.  It's rather nice; the whole diaper is lined with suede fleece and then a narrower piece of suede fleece is sewn on top (open on both ends) to be a sleeve.  The whole thing feels nice; no exposed PUL (polyurethane laminate).  But you can't get more than two inserts in there.  Also, the pocket is shorter along the length than some, so some of the longer inserts don't fit in very well.
* It has the horizontal-snap arrangement, so once that outer snap is off the front of the diaper (and pressing into baby's leg!), in essence it is too small, even if it still fits in other ways.  It was a sad day when we had to retire our perfectly good Smartipants (all 6 of them!) because they no longer fit E.  This was maybe at . . . 18 months?

 Photo from Smartipants website
Smaripants inserts are SUPER!  Each diaper comes with one insert, but we ended up buying two 10-packs of extra ones for when she got bigger and we had to double stuff.  They also fit perfectly into any other pocket, and the price is right!  (I remember that these were the most cost-effective of any inserts available at the time.)

I like that they are trimmed with green thread.  In a sea of white inserts, you can always find the Smartipants ones.  We use them to triple-stuff night diapers now.

All in all, I think everyone should have at least one 3-pack of Smartipants in their stash!  Oh, and that brown diaper is a nice, dark, black-coffee brown in real life.  The monitor makes it look a little drab, but in actuality it is pretty stylin'!

PS- I think it was really . . . smart . . . of them to put their logo right on the back of the diaper.  Babies are always showing off this side (hee!), and it's clear which brand this is.  Also?  It labels your baby as being a Smartipants!  Cute!! ^_^

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