Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Thirsties

I own two kinds of covers: Bummis and Thirsties.  I had heard the most about them when I was starting out.  Looking back, there were so many other varieties I could have tried, but I guess I kept it simple.  That turned out to be a good thing, because I never had a problem with either brand.  I especially liked the Thirsties; their leg gussets really are super.  Over a fitted or prefold, they keep everything in!


The Duo Wraps (above) come in two sizes, and I got both large (print, orange, green) and small (blue).  By the time she fit the large size, she was in pockets, too -- I didn't need so many large covers!!  I did convert the green and tree print covers into sleeve pockets later on, which were staples of night diapering for us (they fit three inserts).  The orange one I left as a cover, and we have used it on occasion now to cover training undies when I want extra peace of mind.

I have one (size two) Duo Diaper -- these used to only come in velcro "aplix" and it was nice because it was a sleeve (and a good, big night diaper, too).  But the aplix did wear over time, rendering the Duo unusable.

I think the Fab Doublers just might be Thirsties' best product!!  What are they?  Well, they are cotton velour inserts that are supposed to "double" absorbency (hence the name) when put behind another insert.  How is this different from just using two regular microfiber inserts, you ask?  Well, it's not that different!  I honestly don't know why some inserts are "inserts" and some inserts are "doublers", but I do know that the Fab Doublers are awesome for many reasons:

a) You can use them behind a regular insert in a pocket, and they are WAY thinner/trimmer than two microfiber inserts!  People talk about lessening "bulk", and these do it.

b) They hold a lot!  That is, they are quite absorbent.  I tested them against some other cotton/hemp inserts and microfiber inserts, and they beat out the hemp and held their own against microfiber.

c) They are COLORFUL -- always a plus in my book!  In a sea of white, boring inserts, here come these BRIGHT, fun ones!  Because why not make it fun??  Also they are soft and veloury.

I was so impressed that after I got two sets (one of each color, of course), I went back and ordered one more of each!

d) Now we are using the fab doublers during potty training, as a "feel-wet" liner.  That is, we stuff a pocket with one microfiber insert, then lay a fab doubler inside (next to E's bum).  This way, the cotton gives her immediate feedback on feeling wet, and she tells us she's going! (we're not quite at "getting to the potty beforehand" yet, but we're working on it!)

Caveat: the fab doublers do work best "doubling" other inserts.  What I mean to say is, I wouldn't just use two of the fab doublers in a pocket on their own.  They are absorbent, but something about how pee spreads out on them (it kind of stays in one spot) means they can be leaky if used alone.  I'm not sure why this is -- my cotton prefolds don't act like that.  Still, I highly recommend!!  Much less bulky than two big ol' regular microfiber inserts.

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