Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hey!  My hand-painted shirts are now up in my RevolvingDor shop!  OK, one design is, to be custom made-to-order for whoever wants one!  More are coming soon.  BUT, isn't it groovy that I finally got them up and running?

I am all busy all of a sudden, and I love it.  Got two shirts to do, an album cover, table runner on the horizon, and right now this very moment I have to bake some breaded eggplant for 2 lasagnas.  One for book club, one to donate to the Friends of Trees planting this weekend.  Oh, and February comics and additional ideas for another comic series on the horizon beyond the other horizon . . . .

. . . . Can I just say, thank goodness for nursery school?  Three mornings per week seems to have tipped me back over into truly, truly having a life (read: having time for art) again.  Dear Anyone Staying Home with a Toddler And Going Crazy: if you can swing it, grab yourself some nursery school mornings for your tot!  It will turn your life around (and your kid will LOVE it)!

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