Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The hilarity of what a 2-year-old overhears

So apparently Eleanor absorbed what I was telling A. last night -- that in my Hindi lessons I was learning (among other things), "I am giving you 16 rupees".  This morning, while I was still in my Daylight-Savings-induced morning stupor (asleep) and A. was playing with E., she was talking about rupees.  She thinks they're food!

"Pup and Tolo [dog toys] are eating rupees and cereal."
"Pup likes five rupees with milk!"
"I give you three rupees!"
"There are rupees in here [a beaded bracelet] and when we get them out we throw the rest away in the trash."
"There are rupees EVERYWHERE!"

Lots of smiling and laughing at the breakfast table today!

By the way, Daylight Savings has really destroyed me this year . . . I want that hour back, with interest!!!

Oh, and speaking of the Hindi lessons, after my first 10-lesson Pimsleur CD set from the library, I managed to snag Pimsleur "Part 1B", which is lessons 15-30.  So I've somehow missed 5 lessons and am going to have to repeat Lesson 15 for a while till I'm back on track!!  I think I will mix it up with my other "Teach Yourself" Hindi book and CDs at the same time . . . at least to learn those numbers!