Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

Got sugar ants in your kitchen?  You know, the tiny, tiny kind that appear on your counter intermittently during the spring and summer?  Well, my old Master Gardener training taught me that a Borax-and-sugar syrup placed on little pieces of card for "traps" was the best way to beat them, but that never worked very well for me. (The store-bought traps worked even worse.)

BUT, I inadvertently found something even better!  Ants love almond butter!

My "recipe": almond butter + Borax + a bit of water + bit of sugar thrown in for good measure = bye bye sugar ants! (Mix it in a throwaway tub with a throwaway stick of some sort and place it on bits of card, plastic, etc. near where you've seen them, which in my case was around the sink.  Ratio should be more on the tasty sugar and almond, less on the Borax.  Nobody's lured toward Borax.)

The backstory: I had made my own almond butter the other day (bulk salted almonds + food processor = almond butter . . . not as good as Trader Joe's but a couple bucks cheaper), and left the almond-butter-coated processor blade in my sink.  I know, I'm not a perfect housekeeper so it took me a while to get to it, but when I did I found WAY MORE ANTS than I thought were even in my kitchen all hurriedly carting it off and generally in a state of ant excitement!  So I knew.  If they wanted almond butter, I'd give them almond butter -- with a flavor TO DIE FOR, muua ha haaa!

They flocked to one of my dollops of poisoned nut butter like . . . ants . . . to . . . a dollop of poisoned nut butter!  Over the next couple days I watched them (because you let them cart it off to the rest of their friends so they all eat it and expire) as the dollop got chipped away at and eroded at the edges . . . fascinating.  Then they stopped coming!  And I haven't seen them for 3-4 days and counting.  Hooray!

A. told me I should do a blog post on it to let the world know.  So now you know!

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