Saturday, June 29, 2013

Recovery from ennui

OK, hi.  So, I did a few things that got me in a better frame of mind from my last post.  HERE THEY ARE.

1. I think it's important to get/stay inspired, so I spent some time reading favorite blogs, and I tiptoed a little further into the surf of Pinterest.  Being inspired, I finally put up some glass bird decorations I had bought a couple months ago that were still in the box. (what?!  Who keeps things in the box like that?  I didn't think *I* did, but . . . I did.  That was my crazy Etsy purchase from the Netherlands, and at the time I was too flustered to realize my vision of finding a branch and hanging them off it in the kitchen, so I just looked at them and shoved the box where E. couldn't reach it.)  I dropped my grand branch scheme and hung them vertically on filament line in the kitchen, and not only do they look awesome, but they SPIN AROUND!  So cute!  Obviously a picture is required, and will be posted later.

Point being, let yourself get inspired, and then once inspired, go ahead and do something about it.  You can just up and make something or change something around in any given 15 minutes.  Even if your daughter is running around and demanding cheese and you have no real work surface because there's clutter everywhere, it's important to follow through on your weird little impulses -- before they become a backlog of sorrow and regret.  Also on this topic: yesterday E. and I played some great games after I made her a turquoise paper birthday cake and some flat triangle cake "pieces" with tissue frosting (all in about 5 minutes with her watching raptly).  How fun is that?

2. I did some situps/pushups/squats yesterday!  I know, this is super funny if you know me, but my modicum of midday movement made my muscles ache (in that good way), telling me that I need to keep up with that sort of stuff so I can be strong, healthy, etc.  People, 10 pushups destroyed me.  I can't even do more than 3 at a time, and even then I think I'm "cheating".  (And yes, these are gym-class "girl" push ups.)  So I'm easing into it.  I'm using some training apps on my phone!!  They count reps for you and make you rest and slowly build up your routine.  Crazy!!  My first squats weren't even *counting* because I wasn't going down far enough.  Ha ha ha ha ha!!  Surprisingly, the situps weren't too bad.  Oh my, I am out of shape.  But the point of this is that teeny tiny steps toward health can make you feel really good!!  (I also installed a "drink your water!" app that reminds me to stay hydrated.  It works!)

3. I put my Etsy shop in vacation mode!  That means that it's basically on hiatus (nothing shows up there) until I choose to open it up again.  I did this to take some of the self-generated pressure off.  I can't have Shop-Related-Anxieties in the back of my brain if I'm going to go off and do some cool art.  I just don't want to deal with the shop right now; it makes me a little crazy to keep thinking, "what am I going to make for the shop?  How long has it been since I put something in there?  What are my stats for the week?  Ooh, someone 'favorited' my item! What about my pricing? What type of thing should I make next, specifically to sell? How does this fit with my long-term projects?  Where should my time be going?"  ENOUGH!  I realized that it had become a mental distraction.  I know from awhile back (but apparently had forgotten): when you are thinking of the final result before you've even made anything, you're screwed.  Even if you manage to make stuff, it will be crap.  And you will waste time here and there with scanning and posting and other sner-fluff-ity* end-result tasks, when you should just be creating more good new stuff and playing and exploring. I need to go off and make a pile of stuff (or a few really elaborate and awesome things), FOR ME (or Eleanor) and worry about putting them out there (or not) LATER.  MUCH LATER!

4. I have been having an awesome day today!  The weather is SUMMER, FINALLY.  Hot, like I'm-actually-sweating hot, and sunny!  We went down to the Recycled Arts Festival, taking place right next to the Farmers' Market.  We bought CHERRIES!  TONS OF CHERRIES!  There was a great deal of $2./pound for these (not even exaggerating much) golf-ball sized cherries, so we were all pigging out and we'll freeze a bunch this weekend.  Iced coffees were imbibed.  A. and E. went to the playground while I blissfully browsed the art festival, ALONE! (this was a nice, rare thing.)  Got all inspired again (see #1) and bought a few really cool things. (pictures later?!)

Then, A. took E. to play in the fountain (with about 300 other kids), and she was completely occupied with it for close to an hour.  More browsing for Mommy!  Of course I also put my feet in. :)  She would have been content to stay, but her tired body was just starting to slow down, so we walked back to the car, eating cherries the whole way.  My little miss must have eaten . . . 2 cups?! of cherries?!  That was her lunch.

The point of this is that a) spending time outside on a sunny day; b) some retail therapy and arty inspiration and talking to people; c) your kid being really really happy are all mood-boosters.

Oh, and in response to my weird indecision of my last post, I did some funky journalling/sketchbooking and decided (for the moment) that I really want to do some comics and kids' books and general writing activities.  And just be generally creative for E. (like the turquoise cake) and myself (like home decor and photos and such).  HOORAY!

* Sner-fluff-ity is a word I just made up.  The meaning is self-explanatory! :)


rebecca said...

your good day post put me in a good mood! that "people - 10 pushups destroyed me" line has me LMAO!

Dorothy said...

Ha ha, glad to be uplifting! And writing that post was good for me, too. :)