Thursday, July 25, 2013


OK, so here are some pictures from "In the Neighborhood" from July 19th. (photo challenge)

I think I'm pretty much failing at the rest of this photo challenge.  Between drawing other stuff and just life in general (my other Hindi book came in from the library, so back to language learning!!!!), I'm probably giving up!  I'll still think about the daily prompts, but I promise nothing.  Boy, doing anything *daily* is a true challenge!  I can barely manage to take my vitamins.

. . . OK, maybe I can keep going from today onward, but I can't handle a photo backlog.

Oh hey!  I am really good at drinking coffee every day, and getting dressed.  Brushing my teeth!  Meals! I go to the bathroom multiple times per day!  See?  I'm OK after all. :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Photos taken, not posted . . .

It's so hard for me to find time (apparently) to actually POST the photos I take.  I'm working on it!  This challenge is certainly challenging!  Stay with me; I'm not a failure!

Friday, July 19, 2013

More "challenge" photos soon

I'm here!  I skipped "smells delicious", but I have some "in the neighborhood" pictures to sort through.  Soon!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 17: Eat

Mango time!!  This was a superb mango -- and only 58 cents!

(Photo Challenge)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16: Begins with "T"

Yup, it's tea.  How obvious!  That aside, allow me to point out my current favorite teas, which I've arranged prominently in my crazy tea cupboard.  I don't think I'm friends with anyone who *doesn't* have a crazy tea cupboard . . . not saying you *can't* be my friend if you don't have one, but . . . well . . . who can live without a zillion teas?!?

Anyway.  Current caffeinated favorites:
* St. Dalfour Classic Breakfast. This is just such a nice black tea, very clear and fresh and lovely.
* Super Irish Breakfast.  Another nice, slightly different (assam?) black tea.  Lucky me, it's cheap at Winco!
* Tetley British Blend.  I have to have a "large quantity" box of basic, strong black tea hanging around at all times.  I'm out of all my Canadian imports, but this is a nice (readily available) substitute.
* Mlesna Canadian Ice Wine.  This is a SPECIAL tea. 1) it tastes delicious, like ice wine!  If you haven't had ice wine, you need to try it.  Lucky me, it's a spec-i-al-i-teey of Nova Scotia!  Make wine with frosty grapes, = super sweet and delightful treat.  Anyway, this tea tastes like it. 2) I got to drinking lots of this tea when I was working on a past art project (incidentally, in Canada), therefore my brain now associates it with focused, productive working and creativity.  So I drink it when I'm trying to, say, draw or write a book or what have you. It helps me work; amazing!! 3) Instead of having to stock up in BC (although they have other, equally exciting brands and styles of ice wine tea there), I have found it on the internet!  However, I'll take any excuse for a trip to BC . . .!

I love black tea.  Green's OK when I'm in the mood.  (Or for a green-jasmine-milk-tea!!) White tea is pointless.

Current decaf favorites:

* Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma.  My "autumnal" tea with other fond memories attached, but also just a nice tea for the afternoon.
* C. S. Decaf India Spice.  My evening/night tea!  Subs great for dessert when I am all snacky and craving sweets at night.  I fill up a huge mug and steep it forever, lots of milk and sugar.  This is the best "chai" I have found.
* Decaf Tetley!  Sometimes I just need a standard cup of black tea, but it's late in the day and caffeine is unwelcome.  There you go.
* C. S. Sleepytime Vanilla.  I have always loved Sleepytime, since I was a kid.  The Vanilla flavor is fantastic!!  Add some milk and sugar/honey and you have another desserty (and calming) treat.  The Sleepytime Peach is also very good (I have some in there!), but the vanilla really rocks for that sweet tooth thing.

What are your favorite teas?  I'm always looking to add to my collection!
(Photo Challenge)

July 15: What I wore

Just pretend this is another photo!!  I am smart enough to know that I can't just photograph outfits I wear and put them on the internet!  Especially yesterday's outfit.  Obviously I picked it and was cool with its inherent weirdness (I mean, I dress like this daily, more or less).  If you saw me in it in real life, not a problem!  A drawing of it?  Sure!  But sometimes photographs are just not . . . ideal . . . for showing the real me.  What I'm saying is, the camera really does add 10+ pounds, people!!  Maybe I'm in a self-conscious phase.  Maybe I missed taking the photo yesterday and I'm wearing something else now anyway.  Maybe I had fun drawing instead.  Maybe all of the above!

Someday I'll wear a really rockin' outfit and post a real photo. :) Or maybe I'll draw you today's outfit; it's a step up from yesterday . . .
(Photo challenge)

Monday, July 15, 2013

More coming soon!

See the previous two posts to play photo catch-up.  I skipped "an emotion" (waaaay too busy that day!) and today's "what I wore" is coming tomorrow!

July 14: Share

I am so happy that whoever lives along this trail by our house shares their horses with the rest of us!  E. now HAS to visit them whenever we go for a walk/hike.  Sometimes they're grazing and don't come near, sometimes they're right by the road, ready to be petted or fed some grass (or a carrot!).

Note how E. is also sharing her little toy horse with the real horse (she wanted to introduce them), and A. (and I) are sharing the whole horse experience with her!  Whee!

July 12: Sometimes I . . .

Sometimes I . . .

. . . go out to breakfast!!
(photo challenge)

Friday, July 12, 2013

July 11: black and white

black and white

No grayscale required. :)  [note purple sneaking in on upper right!]

Here is yesterday's photo -- catching up before the busy weekend.  I did take some pix for today, but they may be late getting here!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10: Motion

Just pretend this is a photo, OK?  My idea for "motion" just couldn't be photographed.  Hence, I chose to make a drawing instead of an actual photo to respond to today's prompt.  Hey, I'm an artist, I can switch media and be figurative and do what I want! :)

I feel set in motion.  I have so many thoughts and ideas, all swirling and moving around, and it feels very exciting! There is so much I want to accomplish, and I actually think I have the energy to (maybe) do it all!  I've been in a really good mood the past couple days.  Can't explain it, but I like it.  Yay!
(photo challenge)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9: Toy

Are you kidding?  "Toy" singular, like ONE toy?  There are so many toys in our house, it's madness.  (Although, I have seen homes with way more!)  So instead of trying to photograph a toy, I am posting a picture I took a couple weeks ago, of two special toys I bought at the Recycled Arts Festival.

They are made by Beth of Green Grin (click for cuteness!).  I could barely pick which Pocket Sprite to buy (I wanted them ALL), but I knew I had to have this stripey one with a super sniffer!  The smaller "bunny" is Eleanor's, named "Little Red" -- and now they all sleep in a "hutch" (her cloth playhouse) with some other toy bunnies.  I am super inspired by the Green Grin website -- what talent!!  It makes me so happy when people do what they love to do, really well.  I hope to get there with my own art some day.

Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8: Up

I am having an up day!

* Took a great exercise walk
* Gardened all morning
* People keep asking me if I've lost weight (not exactly, but I'm doing healthy things so I'm glad it shows?!)
* Started work on a new base map of my yard/plants/beds for future projects/ideas -- very satisfying!
* Got caught up on this photo challenge!
* Did other exercises I've been trying to do daily (always makes me feel good)
* Made a crazy casserole involving noodles, alfredo sauce, hot dogs, eggplant, peas, and panko breadcrumbs . . . it towered 3-4 inches out of the pan!
* Met a neighbor and talked about plants
* It was a lovely day, mid 70's, sun, no rain
* Now on to an evening of sci-fi and possibly cake

Side note: This photo challenge is funny -- I can't ever remember what the next day's word is going to be.  I just look at the current day's word and apparently that's all I can absorb at one time!  Setting the word list as one of my homepage tabs has been very helpful. (I didn't even know you could have multiple tabs for your homepage . . .s, ha!)
(photo challenge)

July 7: on my screen

On my screen
Yes, this is a weird one for "On my screen", but it was on my phone camera screen as we browsed at IKEA!  I didn't really take any other photos yesterday, ummmm . . . Anyway, a setup like this may be coming to our kitchen soon!  Fun!

See below for the photos from the past few days!

July 6: Close up

Almost caught up!
Close up
We polished off the farmers' market blueberries within a couple hours . . .

July 5: Sweet

OK, technically I took this photo on the 6th, but I'm playing catch-up here so it's going to count.

"Daddy, Daddy, play blocks wif meee!"  They love playing on the rug. :)

July 4: Celebrate

I'm still playing the photo challenge game!  I just had a very busy weekend. :)

 E. and I donned our aprons and made this cake for America's birthday!  (We actually made it the day before, but lit the candles and had it for breakfast on the 4th.)  She was very excited about the "party" and insisted we have a cake.  We picked out a mix and can of frosting and whipped this up.  She helped me decorate it!

A. actually bought fireworks this year, and we ran into our neighbors on our way to set them off, so we combined forces into a fun show (in the middle of the street, natch), sitting on lawn chairs and wrapped in jackets and blankets because it was really cold!  Here, pretend the following drawing is a series of photos documenting further CELEBRATION of the 4th!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Photo-a-day: Red


As I was going out in my yard to snap a cliched photo of a red rose, I saw this beautiful daylily!

Clifford the Big Red Dog, of course!

A good haul at the library today. :)
(Photo Challenge)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Photo-a-day: July 2


Just a cutting board, cleaned and drying . . .
(Photo Challenge)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Photo-a-day: July 1

Out My Window

Prompted by a friend, I decided to do this photo challenge this month!  Hopefully I can actually put a photo a day up here!

Actually, I have a second photo for this prompt.  Think of it as a runner-up.

Yay!  Anyone else want to play?  I think I'm supposed to be all "social media" about this, but the fact is, I'm not really on any social media other than this blog and my monthly book club. :)