Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15: What I wore

Just pretend this is another photo!!  I am smart enough to know that I can't just photograph outfits I wear and put them on the internet!  Especially yesterday's outfit.  Obviously I picked it and was cool with its inherent weirdness (I mean, I dress like this daily, more or less).  If you saw me in it in real life, not a problem!  A drawing of it?  Sure!  But sometimes photographs are just not . . . ideal . . . for showing the real me.  What I'm saying is, the camera really does add 10+ pounds, people!!  Maybe I'm in a self-conscious phase.  Maybe I missed taking the photo yesterday and I'm wearing something else now anyway.  Maybe I had fun drawing instead.  Maybe all of the above!

Someday I'll wear a really rockin' outfit and post a real photo. :) Or maybe I'll draw you today's outfit; it's a step up from yesterday . . .
(Photo challenge)


rebecca said...

This is SO cool and looks so much like you (not just the drawing, but also the outfit - if that makes sense).

Dorothy said...

Yes, that makes sense! Thanks! :) I'm still thinking up today's photo . . . umm, something?