Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16: Begins with "T"

Yup, it's tea.  How obvious!  That aside, allow me to point out my current favorite teas, which I've arranged prominently in my crazy tea cupboard.  I don't think I'm friends with anyone who *doesn't* have a crazy tea cupboard . . . not saying you *can't* be my friend if you don't have one, but . . . well . . . who can live without a zillion teas?!?

Anyway.  Current caffeinated favorites:
* St. Dalfour Classic Breakfast. This is just such a nice black tea, very clear and fresh and lovely.
* Super Irish Breakfast.  Another nice, slightly different (assam?) black tea.  Lucky me, it's cheap at Winco!
* Tetley British Blend.  I have to have a "large quantity" box of basic, strong black tea hanging around at all times.  I'm out of all my Canadian imports, but this is a nice (readily available) substitute.
* Mlesna Canadian Ice Wine.  This is a SPECIAL tea. 1) it tastes delicious, like ice wine!  If you haven't had ice wine, you need to try it.  Lucky me, it's a spec-i-al-i-teey of Nova Scotia!  Make wine with frosty grapes, = super sweet and delightful treat.  Anyway, this tea tastes like it. 2) I got to drinking lots of this tea when I was working on a past art project (incidentally, in Canada), therefore my brain now associates it with focused, productive working and creativity.  So I drink it when I'm trying to, say, draw or write a book or what have you. It helps me work; amazing!! 3) Instead of having to stock up in BC (although they have other, equally exciting brands and styles of ice wine tea there), I have found it on the internet!  However, I'll take any excuse for a trip to BC . . .!

I love black tea.  Green's OK when I'm in the mood.  (Or for a green-jasmine-milk-tea!!) White tea is pointless.

Current decaf favorites:

* Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma.  My "autumnal" tea with other fond memories attached, but also just a nice tea for the afternoon.
* C. S. Decaf India Spice.  My evening/night tea!  Subs great for dessert when I am all snacky and craving sweets at night.  I fill up a huge mug and steep it forever, lots of milk and sugar.  This is the best "chai" I have found.
* Decaf Tetley!  Sometimes I just need a standard cup of black tea, but it's late in the day and caffeine is unwelcome.  There you go.
* C. S. Sleepytime Vanilla.  I have always loved Sleepytime, since I was a kid.  The Vanilla flavor is fantastic!!  Add some milk and sugar/honey and you have another desserty (and calming) treat.  The Sleepytime Peach is also very good (I have some in there!), but the vanilla really rocks for that sweet tooth thing.

What are your favorite teas?  I'm always looking to add to my collection!
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rebecca said...

oh my goodness; I remember that* tea cupboard from ShadyAve days.

*Well, obviously not that tea cupboard, but truly I just had a flashback to hot tea get togethers at your apartment!