Monday, July 8, 2013

July 4: Celebrate

I'm still playing the photo challenge game!  I just had a very busy weekend. :)

 E. and I donned our aprons and made this cake for America's birthday!  (We actually made it the day before, but lit the candles and had it for breakfast on the 4th.)  She was very excited about the "party" and insisted we have a cake.  We picked out a mix and can of frosting and whipped this up.  She helped me decorate it!

A. actually bought fireworks this year, and we ran into our neighbors on our way to set them off, so we combined forces into a fun show (in the middle of the street, natch), sitting on lawn chairs and wrapped in jackets and blankets because it was really cold!  Here, pretend the following drawing is a series of photos documenting further CELEBRATION of the 4th!

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rebecca said...

yay! I'm glad you are still posting pictures. Love the cake and drawing and of course all of the E vignettes. Adorable.