Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8: Up

I am having an up day!

* Took a great exercise walk
* Gardened all morning
* People keep asking me if I've lost weight (not exactly, but I'm doing healthy things so I'm glad it shows?!)
* Started work on a new base map of my yard/plants/beds for future projects/ideas -- very satisfying!
* Got caught up on this photo challenge!
* Did other exercises I've been trying to do daily (always makes me feel good)
* Made a crazy casserole involving noodles, alfredo sauce, hot dogs, eggplant, peas, and panko breadcrumbs . . . it towered 3-4 inches out of the pan!
* Met a neighbor and talked about plants
* It was a lovely day, mid 70's, sun, no rain
* Now on to an evening of sci-fi and possibly cake

Side note: This photo challenge is funny -- I can't ever remember what the next day's word is going to be.  I just look at the current day's word and apparently that's all I can absorb at one time!  Setting the word list as one of my homepage tabs has been very helpful. (I didn't even know you could have multiple tabs for your homepage . . .s, ha!)
(photo challenge)


rebecca said...

what a great picture of you!

Dorothy said...

Thanks, Rebecca!