Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9: Toy

Are you kidding?  "Toy" singular, like ONE toy?  There are so many toys in our house, it's madness.  (Although, I have seen homes with way more!)  So instead of trying to photograph a toy, I am posting a picture I took a couple weeks ago, of two special toys I bought at the Recycled Arts Festival.

They are made by Beth of Green Grin (click for cuteness!).  I could barely pick which Pocket Sprite to buy (I wanted them ALL), but I knew I had to have this stripey one with a super sniffer!  The smaller "bunny" is Eleanor's, named "Little Red" -- and now they all sleep in a "hutch" (her cloth playhouse) with some other toy bunnies.  I am super inspired by the Green Grin website -- what talent!!  It makes me so happy when people do what they love to do, really well.  I hope to get there with my own art some day.

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