Monday, July 1, 2013

Photo-a-day: July 1

Out My Window

Prompted by a friend, I decided to do this photo challenge this month!  Hopefully I can actually put a photo a day up here!

Actually, I have a second photo for this prompt.  Think of it as a runner-up.

Yay!  Anyone else want to play?  I think I'm supposed to be all "social media" about this, but the fact is, I'm not really on any social media other than this blog and my monthly book club. :)


rebecca said...

Oh my goodness...i love the photo and your whimsical living room! You just inspired me to try a bit harder for my July 1st photo. David said that my first batch of photos made me look like a stalker. LOL!

Dorothy said...

I like your photo! My "trying hard" was clicking around all my various windows till something looked good. ha!