Thursday, July 25, 2013


OK, so here are some pictures from "In the Neighborhood" from July 19th. (photo challenge)

I think I'm pretty much failing at the rest of this photo challenge.  Between drawing other stuff and just life in general (my other Hindi book came in from the library, so back to language learning!!!!), I'm probably giving up!  I'll still think about the daily prompts, but I promise nothing.  Boy, doing anything *daily* is a true challenge!  I can barely manage to take my vitamins.

. . . OK, maybe I can keep going from today onward, but I can't handle a photo backlog.

Oh hey!  I am really good at drinking coffee every day, and getting dressed.  Brushing my teeth!  Meals! I go to the bathroom multiple times per day!  See?  I'm OK after all. :)


Relli said...

is the se ind ohoto form the top your front "between the sidewalk and road" bit of garden? looks lovely!

Dorothy said...

It's not mine, but it's somebody's lovely sidewalk strip! :)