Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Fuzzibunz

Fuzzibunz was another pocket I tried.  I got their original one-size design, so I can't speak to their new "Elite" version. (Also, sorry all these photos aren't aligned/positioned very well . . . Blogger is very wonky with things like that and I am no web designer!)

Photo from Fuzzibunz site

Photo from Fuzzibunz site
First I got the "apple green" one-size, and my first complaint was that it was really narrow.  This meant that all the other (wider) inserts didn't fit in it, so you had to match it up with Fuzzibunz inserts.  (Or I could use a prefold in there, but that limited its absorbancy to a "light-duty" diaper.) Also, the Fuzzibunz adjustable elastic system was super hard to use!!  Hopefully they've redesigned that by now.  I could not imagine having a full stash of these and adjusting all those buttons as baby grew.

Anyway, being narrower and just overall smaller-seeming, the Fuzzibunz did fit her well in the beginning.  Then it just started leaking like crazy as she grew and I tried to adjust it, so I abandoned it.

The aqua-color diaper was a Perfect Size, Size Large, which I got later on.  This was actually a really nice diaper!  It really was the perfect size for her at the time, with nothing to adjust.  Also, it was wider than the one-size so other brands of inserts fit into it.
This color, called Spearmint, is a lot darker and really lovely in real life.  I found a blog post that has many pictures of the "real" color.

Photo from 
The other Fuzzibunz product I tried later on was their minky inserts.  Minky is a super-soft and furry fabric, and Fuzzibunz claimed that it absorbed as well as microfiber, and was trimmer.  I would have to say that that is true -- they did great for a while!  But then, just like the Mommy's Touch boat diaper outer, E. nabbed all three minky inserts for her lovies/fuzzies at night.  I was only able to get maybe 4 uses out of them before she took them to cuddle with.  Oh, well!  They are super cuddly, I must say.  If I were to do it again and my old microfiber inserts got worn out, I'd consider purchasing more of these minky inserts to replace them.

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