Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Mommy's Touch

I thought I had better get back to my cloth diaper reviews before E. is completely out of potty training (I'd say we're 93% there) and I forget everything!

Today's review is Mommy's Touch!  Specifically, the Easy Clean Snaps pocket diaper.  These are fantastic because they have the coveted sleeve pocket design -- no reaching in to unstuff!  They also have vertical snaps, allowing for a better fit on legs vs. tummy.

Photo from Amazon.com
Photo from NurturedFamily.com

^Round One^
Photo from GreenMountainDiapers

Photo from Amazon
Photo from GreenMountainDiapers

photo from Amazon
 ^Round Two^

Photo from Amazon

Photo from Amazon

 ^Round Three^

These did not fit E. for quite some time -- they are HUGE (even when snapped to the "small" setting).  But that means they are also a great night diaper (fit 3 inserts with no leaks), and they still fit her now at 32ish pounds (for night -- the only time she still needs a diaper).

I did have trouble when she was almost 19 months, when the PUL of our lone red and orange MTs de-laminated and ripped open, one right after the other!  That rendered them useless because obviously they were no longer sealed.  Here is a picture I took way back when, thinking towards the future and this very blog post!

I'm not surprised they finally failed; as the favorite night diaper, we used them substantially more than the various other diapers we rotated through the day -- more wear!  So I had to throw them out.  After this happened, I still didn't feel bad buying more, because they were THAT good for night.  So I bought Round Two, the red bandana one, dragonflies, and sailboats.

Now, a funny thing happened: E. became VERY attached to these patterned diapers!  Don't ask me why . . . toddlers are weird like that.  She would not allow us to put the boats one on her, preferring to sleep with it (unstuffed) as a fuzzy/blankie/lovie!  This happened with the bandana one for a while, too, and dragonfiles to a lesser extent.  So I bought Round Three: the light, dark, and bright blues because the others I just bought were essentially unavailable for actual use!  So funny.  She still sleeps with boats, but will let us put all the others on her.

This brings up a good point across the board: for cloth diapers, PRINTS are the best!  Fun pictures on the diaper get your kid excited about changing time -- at least on the later end of diapering when she's paying attention to stuff like that.  (I will talk about this more with potty training.)


By the way, I had a tough time finding pictures of the ones I bought (colors/patterns seem to fluctuate over time), so the images above are from around the web -- and they're not all the Easy Clean; some are of MT covers.  I bought most of mine from NurturedFamily.com -- it looks like they were just having a huge sale of them and they're all out of stock, though.  ???  I definitely think it is worth having Mommy's Touch in your stash, so here are some other sources for the Easy Clean Snaps:

Amazon I bought my last round from Amazon (I think) and you have to dig around a bit to get various colors . . .

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