Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Rump-a-Rooz

Ah, Rumparooz!  These diapers (the "G2" with snaps) were great, but a factor in their success became a reason we stopped using them.  Read on!
Photos from Rumparooz website

I got the yellow and kangaroo print in the beginning. The kangaroo print is SUPER cute on a baby!  (The yellow was ultimately too reminiscent of peepee!  Bright yellow diapers = not a good choice.  Sorry, but it's true!)  Later on, I don't know what possessed me to get the green one, but I did.  I really liked Rumparooz despite the price, so apparently I thought it was worth getting another.  (But the green one?  I should have gotten the cute Eco Owls one!  Why green??)

Anyway, Rumparooz are very soft and cozy-cuddly.  They have "pilly" fleece on the inside, but it manages to stay soft, and always feels like you're making your baby very comfy. :)  They have my preferred vertical snaps for a better, longer-lasting fit.  They hold up really well; even the outer white on the kangaroo one never looked dingy or anything.

Rumparooz are one-size pockets, but they are on the small side.  They fit E. first of all her pockets (close to the time of Bum Genius as well).  We got lots of use out of them in the beginning!  But later on, we sadly had to retire them early when she got too big.  Rumparooz definitely don't last until the advertised "35+ pounds".  Again, if I had gone with all Rumparooz in my stash, I'd have been stranded!  Luckily, larger pockets had already come into play when she got bigger and I had her covered (pun fully intended)!

Now, unique to Rumparooz is the DUAL INNER GUSSETS!  That's right, they have two extra gussets on the inside -- a feature that they recently got a patent on.  Anyway, these gussets work FANTASTICALLY.  Keeps everything in where it belongs.  We never had leaks with these.  We happily used them and washed them (though I must mention, some stubborn inside staining is possible around all the folds of the gussets -- hard to sun them out completely). She was exclusively breast fed for a really long time (7-8 months) so #2 was not too bad.  Great for out and about; we didn't have to worry.

But then . . .

came . . .



She started eating solid foods.  OK, fine.  We got out the diaper sprayer and our cloth diapering world was still easy and fun.


The curse began.

Every time we put her in a Rumparooz, she pooped in it.  I'm not even making this up.

And you know what?  I will admit, that super-duper double gusset was a pain in the rear to clean with the sprayer!!  The gussets certainly helped the diaper be "bulletproof" while on the go, but then -- then -- you were confronted with 78 new nooks and crannies -- not present in other cloth diapers -- that you had to try and get the you-know-what out of.


It was amusing at first, but then it became all too serious!  I got into a paranoid state where I didn't want to put them on her at, shall we say, sensitive times.  And never at night, or while going out anymore.  Cloth diapering is super easy-breezy when nursing, but when you get to solid foods and the sprayer, you want easy clean-up!

Luckily, she starting outgrowing the Rumparooz around this time, too, so I just stopped using them after a while.

In conclusion, Rumparooz are great for smaller babies and the gussets are a plus, but WATCH OUT FOR THE CURSE!!!

Oh, and it's too late for my little one, but they just came out with this awesome new print ("Preppy")!  Look at its rainbow glory!  Oh, if only it had been available way back when!

 Photos from Rumparooz website

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