Monday, September 16, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Kawaii

So, even though I previously stated that I stayed away from "knockoff" diapers, I did get one Kawaii Baby diaper.  I had heard great things about this cheapo brand, and all told, it did the job just fine.

Photo from Kawaii website
The photo above is an approximation of what I had; they don't sell the exact pattern I got before.  It was an orange square-tab Snazzy Minky one-size pocket -- with an "embossed" tiger print design.  The tigers were really cute and cartoony, sort of engraved/embossed into the fuzzy minky fabric.  HOWEVER, they faded away after maybe 10 uses, so then it was just orange.

I'd say the shape is equivalent to a Fuzzibunz, but the pocket is wide enough to fit any insert.  It got pilly fairly quickly, but it did hold up better than I expected.  It didn't really leak, either!  Some of the stitching came loose after a long while (this has not happened to any other of my diapers).  Right before I retired it, the loose stitching was pretty bad; I don't think it would hold up for another round of use.

Anyway, if you want to cloth diaper on the cheap, Kawaii could be the way to go.  I guess I was surprised with how well they did; most people online said "you get what you pay for" in cloth diapering.  I was pretty annoyed that the cute little tigers disappeared, though! :(

Places to buy:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recipe Time! Chickpea curry with vegetable matter galore


1. Costco bag of baby squashes.  This has proven very useful, and the recipe on the bag is also wicked good!

2. Costco quinoa.  They have (had? It's been a while since I bought a bag, it lasts a long time) a good price on this stuff. 4-lb. bag!
3. The sauce. I think you could sub whatever bottle of fun sauce you want.  I just found the tikka masala cheap at . . . you guessed it, Winco!  It didn't even taste all that "tikka masala-y", but it was still good.  All I know is, if E. eats it, I'll make it again!
4. Who knew I liked beets??  The affinity has been sneaking up on me for a couple years, and after more tasty encounters, now I can confidently say that yes, I like beets! (roasted, in moderation.)  (And I've liked borscht for a long time!)

Anyway, this meal was really tasty.  We're trying to eat more veggie-based foods, and this "tasted healthy" but was ALSO fulfilling.    Definitely grab your hot sauce if you want ANY spiciness.

Note: If you are still hungry an hour later, you can always make popcorn!!! And drink lots of water!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Eat this now!

Thomcord grapes are so good!  They are almost just like Concords (so, so good), but seedless!  Just got some at Trader Joe's . . . you should, too!  Yay!

Cloth Diapers: Oh Katy

Oh Katy is an interesting diaper.  Up until recently, I would have said it is another excellent pocket diaper, a notch above the "standard" pockets and into the top tier of Bum Genius and Blueberry Deluxe.  However, towards the end of using this diaper (E. isn't in daytime diapers anymore), it developed issues!  More on that below.
Photo from Amazon

First, the pros.  This diaper is very soft -- the outer material is almost silky-ish and nice.  The inner microfleece is super soft and didn't pill up as much as others.  It has vertical snap placement, yay!  It's very stretchy for a great fit.  The diaper has the weird distinction of opening in the front, but for me that was neither here nor there.  It could have opened in the back and I'd still like it.

Generally I would have recommended this diaper, even going so far as to say I would have bought more in other of their nice, subtle, muted colors (the purple I got is deep and eggplant-y and lovely).

HOWEVER, they started leaking.  Not so much leaks out of poorly-sealed gaps, but that "wicking" action where the outer fabric is soaking through and the whole thing becomes sodden and gets onto clothes.  I don't think they are good for bigger toddlers. All my other pockets were fine with a standard double-stuff of inserts, but at a certain point, this one leaked where the others continued to be totally fine.  It's like there's a level of pee that Oh Katys just can't take.

Hmm, I see that the outer is made of TPU and not PUL, so maybe that has something to do with the lack of waterproof-ness.  OOH, read this article for the differences between TPU and PUL! So that could definitely be why these don't hold up.

I just read a few other reviews to this same effect: Oh Katy diapers are fantastic until they suddenly and catastrophically fail.  So I suppose I could recommend them for smaller, younger babies, but that's it!

Also it looks like the Oh Katy brand has some new owners, so maybe they'll make some changes to the design.  I don't know!

Cloth Diapers: Blueberry

Blueberry diapers are quite nice.  We tried two types, the Basix (size large) and the One-Size Deluxe.  I didn't go for their "sister" brand Swaddlebees, because those all have cotton interiors, and I wanted the stay-dry microfleece inside.

Photo from Blueberry site

The Basix is actually an unusual diaper.  It's side-snapping, WITH an insert attached at one end AND it's a sleeve pocket design!  So it's a form of AIO (all-in-one), I suppose.

Side snaps?  Fine, trim-looking, able to pull up and down as pre-training-pants.
Sleeve design?  I always like that, but in this case, the attached insert made it difficult to maneuver additional inserts into the sleeve (as she grew, we eventually needed 2 inserts in all her pockets, or else there would be leaks!).  The attached insert (and anything else I had put in) did agitate out as advertised, though.

Attached insert?  This I did NOT like.   It just made it hard to double-stuff this diaper.  Once in a while I would run a big laundry load of JUST inserts, washing them with a little bleach . . . and obviously this attached one didn't make it into that load.  You're not supposed to bleach the outer shells, so the Basix insert never got bleached, and over time got a bit stinky.  Not gross-stinky, but musty-stinky.  I wish I could have taken it out!

I do love the "messy hands" print, though.  Wish I had gotten it on another One-Size Deluxe instead!

Photo from Blueberry site

The One-size Deluxe is pretty much comparable to Bum Genius 4.0 in every way (meaning it's really good), except it does not have the microsuede inner.  But it's got vertical snaps, it's stretchy, it's durable, and even though it's pricier, that owl print is super cute!  I'm glad I tried this oft-used addition to my stash.

Blueberry also makes EXCELLENT training pants, but that is another post!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Knickernappies

Another solid, not-that-exciting pocket diaper I tried was the Knickernappies one-size.  Pretty good, no leaks, microfleece inner, fits all the inserts.
Photo from Simple Wonders

The only distinction this diaper really has is that it's side-snapping.  This is relatively rare among cloth diapers generally, and it didn't have much benefit for me.  Actually, it was a bit harder to get the side-snappers on; your brain has to turn a bit inside-out after being accustomed to "normal" front-snappers.  I will say that the side-snapping diapers DID look a bit trimmer, but overall, I don't think side-snapping is a particularly beneficial feature.

Later on, we did go through a (short) phase of wearing the Knickernappies (and the other side-snappers I tried, Blueberry Simplex and BabyKicks) with just one insert, as a sort of pre-training-pants, because you CAN pull them up and down without unsnapping.  It was handy to have a more substantial "trainer" in rotation as she was first learning (for outings, etc.).

Photo from Knickernappies site

The diaper came with a pair of their Loopy-Do inserts (or maybe I paid a couple bucks more for them; I forget where I bought the diaper).  These were highly reviewed as being really absorbent and generally awesome . . . but in my experience, it was just another insert.  And because it was this 2-layer sewn thing, it just added to the bulk!  The Loopy-do has a hemp layer, which is all very exciting when everyone says hemp is SO GREAT at absorbing and so on, but after all my time CDing, I am NOT a believer in hemp!  In my experience, hemp is absolutely worse then microfiber or cotton than absorbing, to a laughable degree.