Monday, September 2, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Blueberry

Blueberry diapers are quite nice.  We tried two types, the Basix (size large) and the One-Size Deluxe.  I didn't go for their "sister" brand Swaddlebees, because those all have cotton interiors, and I wanted the stay-dry microfleece inside.

Photo from Blueberry site

The Basix is actually an unusual diaper.  It's side-snapping, WITH an insert attached at one end AND it's a sleeve pocket design!  So it's a form of AIO (all-in-one), I suppose.

Side snaps?  Fine, trim-looking, able to pull up and down as pre-training-pants.
Sleeve design?  I always like that, but in this case, the attached insert made it difficult to maneuver additional inserts into the sleeve (as she grew, we eventually needed 2 inserts in all her pockets, or else there would be leaks!).  The attached insert (and anything else I had put in) did agitate out as advertised, though.

Attached insert?  This I did NOT like.   It just made it hard to double-stuff this diaper.  Once in a while I would run a big laundry load of JUST inserts, washing them with a little bleach . . . and obviously this attached one didn't make it into that load.  You're not supposed to bleach the outer shells, so the Basix insert never got bleached, and over time got a bit stinky.  Not gross-stinky, but musty-stinky.  I wish I could have taken it out!

I do love the "messy hands" print, though.  Wish I had gotten it on another One-Size Deluxe instead!

Photo from Blueberry site

The One-size Deluxe is pretty much comparable to Bum Genius 4.0 in every way (meaning it's really good), except it does not have the microsuede inner.  But it's got vertical snaps, it's stretchy, it's durable, and even though it's pricier, that owl print is super cute!  I'm glad I tried this oft-used addition to my stash.

Blueberry also makes EXCELLENT training pants, but that is another post!

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