Monday, September 16, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Kawaii

So, even though I previously stated that I stayed away from "knockoff" diapers, I did get one Kawaii Baby diaper.  I had heard great things about this cheapo brand, and all told, it did the job just fine.

Photo from Kawaii website
The photo above is an approximation of what I had; they don't sell the exact pattern I got before.  It was an orange square-tab Snazzy Minky one-size pocket -- with an "embossed" tiger print design.  The tigers were really cute and cartoony, sort of engraved/embossed into the fuzzy minky fabric.  HOWEVER, they faded away after maybe 10 uses, so then it was just orange.

I'd say the shape is equivalent to a Fuzzibunz, but the pocket is wide enough to fit any insert.  It got pilly fairly quickly, but it did hold up better than I expected.  It didn't really leak, either!  Some of the stitching came loose after a long while (this has not happened to any other of my diapers).  Right before I retired it, the loose stitching was pretty bad; I don't think it would hold up for another round of use.

Anyway, if you want to cloth diaper on the cheap, Kawaii could be the way to go.  I guess I was surprised with how well they did; most people online said "you get what you pay for" in cloth diapering.  I was pretty annoyed that the cute little tigers disappeared, though! :(

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