Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cloth Diapers: Knickernappies

Another solid, not-that-exciting pocket diaper I tried was the Knickernappies one-size.  Pretty good, no leaks, microfleece inner, fits all the inserts.
Photo from Simple Wonders

The only distinction this diaper really has is that it's side-snapping.  This is relatively rare among cloth diapers generally, and it didn't have much benefit for me.  Actually, it was a bit harder to get the side-snappers on; your brain has to turn a bit inside-out after being accustomed to "normal" front-snappers.  I will say that the side-snapping diapers DID look a bit trimmer, but overall, I don't think side-snapping is a particularly beneficial feature.

Later on, we did go through a (short) phase of wearing the Knickernappies (and the other side-snappers I tried, Blueberry Simplex and BabyKicks) with just one insert, as a sort of pre-training-pants, because you CAN pull them up and down without unsnapping.  It was handy to have a more substantial "trainer" in rotation as she was first learning (for outings, etc.).

Photo from Knickernappies site

The diaper came with a pair of their Loopy-Do inserts (or maybe I paid a couple bucks more for them; I forget where I bought the diaper).  These were highly reviewed as being really absorbent and generally awesome . . . but in my experience, it was just another insert.  And because it was this 2-layer sewn thing, it just added to the bulk!  The Loopy-do has a hemp layer, which is all very exciting when everyone says hemp is SO GREAT at absorbing and so on, but after all my time CDing, I am NOT a believer in hemp!  In my experience, hemp is absolutely worse then microfiber or cotton than absorbing, to a laughable degree.

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