Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recipe Time! Chickpea curry with vegetable matter galore


1. Costco bag of baby squashes.  This has proven very useful, and the recipe on the bag is also wicked good!

2. Costco quinoa.  They have (had? It's been a while since I bought a bag, it lasts a long time) a good price on this stuff. 4-lb. bag!
3. The sauce. I think you could sub whatever bottle of fun sauce you want.  I just found the tikka masala cheap at . . . you guessed it, Winco!  It didn't even taste all that "tikka masala-y", but it was still good.  All I know is, if E. eats it, I'll make it again!
4. Who knew I liked beets??  The affinity has been sneaking up on me for a couple years, and after more tasty encounters, now I can confidently say that yes, I like beets! (roasted, in moderation.)  (And I've liked borscht for a long time!)

Anyway, this meal was really tasty.  We're trying to eat more veggie-based foods, and this "tasted healthy" but was ALSO fulfilling.    Definitely grab your hot sauce if you want ANY spiciness.

Note: If you are still hungry an hour later, you can always make popcorn!!! And drink lots of water!


rebecca said...

yum....Must try this!

Dorothy said...

Yes, do! You could mix it up with whatever veggies you have on hand. Bonus: it makes a LOT of veggies, which then can bolster other leftovers, etc.!