Thursday, October 3, 2013

More Yogurts! Another Showdown!

Well well well, imagine my glee when I idly looked at the yogurt section at New Seasons, and found several more brands to taste test!!  (No, really, things like this help me out of the doldrums sometimes.)  Now, I've already done the Great Yogurt Showdown, so feel free to read that post for info on many, many more types.  This was more of a mini showdown.

I got some Greek, some full-fat, and some lowfat.  I didn't want to bother with more nonfat Greek types, since those have proven to be gross.  However, I tried Nancy's nonfat Greek, well, because it was there.  Flavors?  Honey and maple.  This was NOT a blind taste test because A. was working, but I did drink water and sniff coffee beans between each one again!  Also, I did the maples on one day, honeys on another.  Enh.

These results will shock no one, but here we go!

Part One: Maple

 Brown Cow Greek: Very creamy (fatty), not much maple, not too sweet, thick. 4.5/5

Nancy's lowfat: Super sour, runny, no maple flavor, not fatty, very yogurty, plain. 2.5/5 note: this has no sugar in it, only maple syrup, but it's still not sweet.  SPECIAL NOTE: This still comes in an 8oz. cup with a lid!!!!  I thought those were extinct!  I'm keeping the container forever!

Brown Cow Cream Top: very pleasant, nice balance, sweet and mapley, fatty-creamy, also yogurty 4/5

 Wallaby Lowfat: runny, super sweet, mapley like pancake syrup, not as fatty. 3.5/5

Part Two: Honey

Brown Cow Cream Top Greek: Creamy, thick, smooth, fatty, honey-sweet balance.  Yogurt tang without being sour.  "Mmm, whipped cream!" 5/5!

Note: the following two types had a separate honey compartment, so you mixed honey into plain yogurt.  The honey on its own tasted IDENTICAL in both brands, which I thought was odd.  Also weird: the honey flavor -- very fruity and almost grapey.  Also, trying to stir in refrigerated separate honey (let alone pour/scrape it out) is just a stupid idea.

Fage 2%: smooth, tangy, sweet.  Creamy but not fatty flavor. 4/5  Yes, I tried this one in the last taste test, but since it was pretty good, thought I'd throw it into the mix.

Wallaby 1.5% Greek: runny/thin.  Sweet.  Not really creamy. 3/5  I don't see how this is "Greek" with it being so thin.

Nancy's Nonfat Greek: very thick/tacky.  Honey flavor but not sweet.  Tangy/sour.  A bit chalky. 2/5 note: this was 6oz., not 8oz. like the maple, but it still had a lid!!  Which meant I was able to put it back in the fridge with the maple one and I will use them both for sour cream substitutes since they're both wicked sour.  Hmm, maybe this one would be tastier if I mixed it with jam . . . it was very thick, after all, which is a good thing . . .

Wallaby Lowfat Vanilla: More tangy, more runny than Greek honey.  Very sweet, good vanilla flavor, not that creamy. Oops, forgot to rate this one.  I wanted something to compare to the Greek, and I figured vanilla was the closest to honey.


5: Brown Cow Cream Top Greek Honey
4.5: Brown Cow Cream Top Greek Maple
4:  Brown Cow Cream Top Maple, Fage 2% Honey

OK, so looks like Brown Cow is the winner this time!  I have always liked their Cream Top Maple, so it's nice to know I can step up the flavor with their Greek varieties!

Other truths: You can always count on Wallaby to be runny.  You can always count on Nancy's to be exceedingly sour.  Don't get me wrong; I routinely buy a big 32oz. tub of Nancy's lowfat plain for my everyday eating and cooking.  It's good and doesn't have crap ingredients, and is super cheap at Winco.  Just don't expect any flavor OTHER THAN PLAIN from any of Nancy's other yogurts!

(Oh, yeah!  One time we tried Nancy's Cottage Cheese, and that was A BIG MISTAKE.  That stuff was gag-inducing disgusting, like so sour it tasted like it had gone bad.  We had to throw it out immediately.  You've been warned!)

Hey, I just had an interesting read over on the Nancy's website.  Who knew?  Fascinating company . . .

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