Friday, February 14, 2014

Cloth Diapers: BabyKicks

When I first wrote this, I was fairly harsh on the Babykicks diaper, but after further reflection (and taking it back out of the bag o' diapers in the basement to look at again), I've cut it some slack.  It was alright, just not my favorite.

This was an odd little diaper.  I got one (what they are now calling the Premium) as a free bonus from an online store -- in orange/yellow.  They must have redesigned this diaper since I got mine, because their site lists a bamboo velour inner (mine is microfleece with a cotton/bamboo fleece center) and an extra microfleece layer on the insert (my insert is just hemp/cotton).

Image from Babykicks website and I only had the orange one!

This diaper is a side-snapper, which is trim but also confused my poor brain by snapping backwards from the rest of my stash!  It also has the pocket opening in front, something only Oh Katy also does (as far as I've seen) and I don't see a real benefit.  There is something even weirder about this feature in a side-snapping diaper -- hard to explain, but there is extra floppiness and adjustment at changing time.

Now, the insert.  I don't know why people rave about hemp, because in all my experiences with it, it's either no better than cotton/microfiber, or completely useless!  Perhaps you need to prep hemp by washing it 122 times before use.  I don't know!  After repeated washings, the Joeybunz insert that came with this diaper remained this flat, stiff, cardboardy thing that I never wanted to use. OK, upon inspecting the insert, it's way softer than it was in the beginning (actually it's rather nice and squooshy now), but you're still going to have to double-stuff this diaper to get any real absorbency out of it.  I could see this being a good doubler in an AI2 or fitted or something (or, hmm, my kid's night training pants . . . I'm keeping this out!).
Image from Babykicks website

This diaper also has an odd feature: fleece around the legs.  They say it is to air out baby's bum, but in my experience it is there to create leaks!  Ha ha, no one wants leaks of course, but we got our fair share with this diaper so it was not one that I reached for very often.

One pro of the Babykicks: it made a decent first-training-pants transition diaper.  The side snaps help it pull up and down easily, and the cotton inner feels wet so baby learns.  So, you see?  Not so bad after all.  I'm sure it works great for other kiddos!

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