Friday, October 31, 2014

Cloth Diapers: Bummis Polar Wrap

Ah, another discontinued product!  To go over all these big fitteds for nighttime during E's toddler potty training phase, I needed some new covers!  Luckily I found two on clearance at my local Cottonbabies store (same day I got the Little Beetle fitted).

First was the Bummis Polar Wrap, Size XL.

Image from Bummis
The image link is to an old page from their Canadian site; this cover isn't made anymore.

I thought my (smaller) Bummis Super Brites were great, so I was happy to try something else from them.  I had heard that polyfleece can make a good, breathable outer waterproof layer, but I didn't quite believe it.  After using this, and my Happy Little Llama hybrid fitted, I guess it is true!  I have heard the same thing about wool, but I never did take the plunge on that one for E.

This cover did the trick with no leaks, fitting nicely over all those big, bulky fitteds.  (It was HUGE!  Room to spare!)  I admit that the off-white fleece was, well, boring to look at, and the whole thing did feel a bit stiff (you would think polyfleece would be squishy soft), but really I have no complaints.

Cloth Diapers: Little Beetle

Another toddler fitted I tried for night was a Little Beetle ONE Organic Cotton Velour fitted.  Why?  Because it was on clearance at my local Cottonbabies store when I went in, desperate for larger-sized night options! Apparently this company is now defunct, so this review probably won't help anyone anymore, but I have to be complete in my assessments!
Image from Global Enfant
Image from Global Enfant
Image from Global Enfant

I had the aplix closure, Size 2, in a lovely blue!

This fitted was a good option, did its job well, and was nice and cozy soft.  I loved the deep blue color, and the aplix/hook-and-loop/velcro held up during my (albeit limited) use of it.  I thought the inside was unique, the way the extra doubler slid under the attached-in-the-middle soaker.  Drying time was speedy.  I was able to use the doubler in other training pants as well!

Around this time I was also trying to find some Little Beetle "Learners" training pants, but alas, they seemed to have mostly disappeared as well.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cloth Diapers: Happy Little Llama

I forget where I even heard about this WAHM shop, but for E's toddler night diapering, I wanted to try a Happy Little Llama fitted.  (It appears that she is on hiatus as of this post, but I hope she comes back!)

Photo from Happy Little Llama

This fitted was by far my favorite!  It's a hybrid fitted, which means that it has a hidden layer of Windpro* polyfleece behind the cute outer knit print.  This is supposed to help keep the outside dryer longer, by repelling wetness back into the soaker (while staying "breathable", unlike PUL).  Well, it works!!  Some mornings she would wake up and even though I had a cover on her, this fitted was still mostly dry on the outside.

This diaper had nice velour on the soaker next to baby's bum, and the whole thing stayed puffy, squishy soft after many washes!  Later on, I took the soaker out and used it as a booster in some of her training pants.  I forgot to mention, with toddler night diapering, I was OK with a natural fiber lining (not stay-dry) because I wanted her to feel wet and perhaps learn to figure out when she was going in the night.  (At this point though, she was thankfully just sleeping all night, so it didn't really matter, I suppose!)

All in all, Happy Little Llama was soft and cozy, stretchy, absorbent, held up nicely, and fit great.  As with all these toddler fitteds, she could have stayed in it much longer, if only she wasn't so stubborn about ditching diapers and being a big girl!

I wish I had taken the plunge earlier on with hybrid fitteds; I think they could have helped air out a few bad rashes.  And I love the super-cute and soft outer knit fabrics!!  Oh well, I wasn't into the WAHM diapers then, and hybrid fitteds were not the "thing" they are currently.  Next baby!

*Apparently Windpro (by Polartec) is "the" fleece to have in a hybrid fitted.  Other generic fleeces don't work as well.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cloth Diapers: Sustainablebabyish / sbish / Sloomb

This post begins the reviews for E's potty training era!  She was in some form of trainers or undies part-time since about 18 months, but around 2.5 years old, her old night diapers weren't cutting it anymore.  Up until this time, I really liked triple-stuffed pockets for night, but even those were starting to fail (volume!).  So, recalling that fitteds + covers were truly an absorbent combination, I obtained some toddler-sized ones.  I only needed a few since they were just for night.

I had heard very good things about fitteds from Sustainablebabyish aka Sloomb aka Sbish, so I tried some out.  I don't remember the details, but I got some really good deals on all 3 that I had.

Photo from Sustainablebabyish

Photo from Sustainablebabyish
The Velour Happy Little Clouds fitted was great!  I had the green one.  It absorbed with no leaking and stayed pretty soft.  I really don't have anything bad to say about it, except that the next diaper did the same job for less money!  If I hadn't gotten a discount, I would not have paid more for the velour.

Photo from Sweetbottoms Baby
Photo from Sweetbottoms Baby
The Overnight Bamboo Fleece fitted (I had purple) also worked really well.  My only complaint was that it did get a bit stiff and "crunchy" over time.  Taking it off her in the morning, it just sort of held its shape and was fairly gross, compared to other natural fiber fitteds I was using.

Photo from Sweetbottoms Baby

Photo from Sustainablebabyish

Now, I also had a "regular" (bamboo/cotton terry) Happy Little Cloud (in green), but I never ended up using it!!

I think this was because our whole era of toddler night diapers was SHORT -- like a month or two.  She needed extra night absorbency, but then she quickly decided she did not want to wear diapers anymore!  After all, by the time I bought these she was in "undies" (trainers of various styles) all day and wanted to be a big girl at night, too.  So I think in the case of this extra fitted, I just hadn't prepped it or added it to the rotation before she was refusing diapers.  Oh well, I can use it with the next baby!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cloth Diapers: Kissaluvs

Alright, back on track with a cloth diaper post!  Got to finish them up before I go back and update them for baby #2 (not here yet)! :)

So, I tried a couple Kissaluvs items with E., but they didn't work out very well for us.  I already gave the Kissa's fitteds to a friend, and I think I'm going to sell or donate my Marvels AIO.

Photo from Jillian's Drawers
Photo from Jillian's Drawers
My two Kissas fitteds were the old Size 1 -- they were too big for a newborn, but too small to use as she grew.  I could never get a good fit on her!!  I much preferred my Green Mountain Diapers Workhorse fitteds.  I would say that my old Kissas fit a little smaller than the GMD red-edge fitteds.  Now apparently there is new sizing in the Kissas.

Photo from Nicki's Diapers
Sadly, just like the fitteds, I couldn't get a good fit on E. with the Marvel AIO.  It seemed to me that the waist snap placement was too high, among other mysterious fit issues.  I had this green one with a yellow interior.  It was nice that I didn't have to unstuff it (the attached insert agitates out), but it always turned completely inside-out (I believe this was because it was not a true sleeve design; it only had an opening on one end).  Turning it right-side-out was a pain.  I also found that it is hard to add absorbency when you have sewn-in inserts in a pocket (the Blueberry Basix is like that as well).  Another drawback is that the insert is stuck in there, so you can't put it in to bleach with a big load of microfiber inserts.  It would get stinky!  This diaper did not see much use.

"Bottom" line (ha ha), Maybe they would have a great fit on a different child, but I'm not all that interested in trying Kissaluvs again.