Friday, October 31, 2014

Cloth Diapers: Bummis Polar Wrap

Ah, another discontinued product!  To go over all these big fitteds for nighttime during E's toddler potty training phase, I needed some new covers!  Luckily I found two on clearance at my local Cottonbabies store (same day I got the Little Beetle fitted).

First was the Bummis Polar Wrap, Size XL.

Image from Bummis
The image link is to an old page from their Canadian site; this cover isn't made anymore.

I thought my (smaller) Bummis Super Brites were great, so I was happy to try something else from them.  I had heard that polyfleece can make a good, breathable outer waterproof layer, but I didn't quite believe it.  After using this, and my Happy Little Llama hybrid fitted, I guess it is true!  I have heard the same thing about wool, but I never did take the plunge on that one for E.

This cover did the trick with no leaks, fitting nicely over all those big, bulky fitteds.  (It was HUGE!  Room to spare!)  I admit that the off-white fleece was, well, boring to look at, and the whole thing did feel a bit stiff (you would think polyfleece would be squishy soft), but really I have no complaints.

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