Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cloth Diapers: Happy Little Llama

I forget where I even heard about this WAHM shop, but for E's toddler night diapering, I wanted to try a Happy Little Llama fitted.  (It appears that she is on hiatus as of this post, but I hope she comes back!)

Photo from Happy Little Llama

This fitted was by far my favorite!  It's a hybrid fitted, which means that it has a hidden layer of Windpro* polyfleece behind the cute outer knit print.  This is supposed to help keep the outside dryer longer, by repelling wetness back into the soaker (while staying "breathable", unlike PUL).  Well, it works!!  Some mornings she would wake up and even though I had a cover on her, this fitted was still mostly dry on the outside.

This diaper had nice velour on the soaker next to baby's bum, and the whole thing stayed puffy, squishy soft after many washes!  Later on, I took the soaker out and used it as a booster in some of her training pants.  I forgot to mention, with toddler night diapering, I was OK with a natural fiber lining (not stay-dry) because I wanted her to feel wet and perhaps learn to figure out when she was going in the night.  (At this point though, she was thankfully just sleeping all night, so it didn't really matter, I suppose!)

All in all, Happy Little Llama was soft and cozy, stretchy, absorbent, held up nicely, and fit great.  As with all these toddler fitteds, she could have stayed in it much longer, if only she wasn't so stubborn about ditching diapers and being a big girl!

I wish I had taken the plunge earlier on with hybrid fitteds; I think they could have helped air out a few bad rashes.  And I love the super-cute and soft outer knit fabrics!!  Oh well, I wasn't into the WAHM diapers then, and hybrid fitteds were not the "thing" they are currently.  Next baby!

*Apparently Windpro (by Polartec) is "the" fleece to have in a hybrid fitted.  Other generic fleeces don't work as well.

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