Friday, October 31, 2014

Cloth Diapers: Little Beetle

Another toddler fitted I tried for night was a Little Beetle ONE Organic Cotton Velour fitted.  Why?  Because it was on clearance at my local Cottonbabies store when I went in, desperate for larger-sized night options! Apparently this company is now defunct, so this review probably won't help anyone anymore, but I have to be complete in my assessments!
Image from Global Enfant
Image from Global Enfant
Image from Global Enfant

I had the aplix closure, Size 2, in a lovely blue!

This fitted was a good option, did its job well, and was nice and cozy soft.  I loved the deep blue color, and the aplix/hook-and-loop/velcro held up during my (albeit limited) use of it.  I thought the inside was unique, the way the extra doubler slid under the attached-in-the-middle soaker.  Drying time was speedy.  I was able to use the doubler in other training pants as well!

Around this time I was also trying to find some Little Beetle "Learners" training pants, but alas, they seemed to have mostly disappeared as well.

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