Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cloth Diapers: Sustainablebabyish / sbish / Sloomb

This post begins the reviews for E's potty training era!  She was in some form of trainers or undies part-time since about 18 months, but around 2.5 years old, her old night diapers weren't cutting it anymore.  Up until this time, I really liked triple-stuffed pockets for night, but even those were starting to fail (volume!).  So, recalling that fitteds + covers were truly an absorbent combination, I obtained some toddler-sized ones.  I only needed a few since they were just for night.

I had heard very good things about fitteds from Sustainablebabyish aka Sloomb aka Sbish, so I tried some out.  I don't remember the details, but I got some really good deals on all 3 that I had.

Photo from Sustainablebabyish

Photo from Sustainablebabyish
The Velour Happy Little Clouds fitted was great!  I had the green one.  It absorbed with no leaking and stayed pretty soft.  I really don't have anything bad to say about it, except that the next diaper did the same job for less money!  If I hadn't gotten a discount, I would not have paid more for the velour.

Photo from Sweetbottoms Baby
Photo from Sweetbottoms Baby
The Overnight Bamboo Fleece fitted (I had purple) also worked really well.  My only complaint was that it did get a bit stiff and "crunchy" over time.  Taking it off her in the morning, it just sort of held its shape and was fairly gross, compared to other natural fiber fitteds I was using.

Photo from Sweetbottoms Baby

Photo from Sustainablebabyish

Now, I also had a "regular" (bamboo/cotton terry) Happy Little Cloud (in green), but I never ended up using it!!

I think this was because our whole era of toddler night diapers was SHORT -- like a month or two.  She needed extra night absorbency, but then she quickly decided she did not want to wear diapers anymore!  After all, by the time I bought these she was in "undies" (trainers of various styles) all day and wanted to be a big girl at night, too.  So I think in the case of this extra fitted, I just hadn't prepped it or added it to the rotation before she was refusing diapers.  Oh well, I can use it with the next baby!

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